Palace of Mirrors Continued…

June 22, 2009

FINISHED IT! About maybe 20 minutes ago I finished reading Palace of Mirrors and I’ve got to tell you, I LOVED IT. It’s officially my new favourite book!!! It has EVERYTHING- secrets, royalty, letters from beyond the grave, and a kiss.


Okay, so there’s this peasant girl, Cecilia, who’s been raised knowing that she’s the real princess, and that the girl who’s on the throne now (Desmia is her name) is a decoy, there to distract the people who had murdered Cecilia’s parents a little after her birth.
So yeah, and then there’s this guy who’s been best friends with Cecilia like, her whole life (Oh my goodness I almost just typed life like lie) and his name is Harper, and his “mam” (that’s how the author spells mom/mum in the book) named him that because she really wants him to be a Harp-player since they’ll not send musicians off to this war that the country’s going through. (Harper’s father died in the war) BUT Harper really wants to be a soldier.
ANYWAY so Cecilia has this secret crush on this guy, but she never says it straight out. She keeps it secret.


Sorry I have to go now. I’ll explain more of it in the Radical Reviews later. But it’s my FAVOURITE book. Oh, and plus Harper doesn’t know she’s a princess. Yet. Okay, NOW the spoilers are over…

Alex Violet.


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