Transformers 2

June 29, 2009

Well, I saw Transformers 2 today.

It was very violent. And loud.

I noticed at the beggining, with all the scenes with the US military and whatnot, it appeared as though the United States government was the only one working with these aliens. It does irritate me that whoever thought up this movie (however violently creative and inventive it was) automatically assumed that only the government in the United States would take on the global responsibility of what would happen if aliens were to come to Earth.

I however, cannot imagine that the US would decide to keep a matter that big a secret to be kept within their own government. Wouldn’t they tell us? Maybe not, but even if they didn’t tell us (the public, I mean) wouldn’t they at least have to let any other country’s government in on this to open up more perspective and possibility of help?

And another thought, if “We Are Not Alone” (quote from the Mediator Series by Meg Cabot) in this vast forever, won’t we eventually need a global government that would represent Earth in universal disputes?
This isn’t just an ‘American’ matter, or even a Global matter. It’s a Universal matter. I mean think about it, maybe in some other galaxies accross the way there’s life on every planet, and they have representatives for each planet and their own little government meetings with each other.

Yet, ANOTHER deep thought, what if there’s life on every planet in another galaxy, but each planet is entirely oblivious of life among its neighbour?

No wonder I got a headache in the middle of that movie! And I thought it was just the sound of all those weapons.

Yes, I’m a little crazy. But isn’t everyone a little crazy nowadays?

On a different note, it is my half-birthday. As of today, I am exacticly (yes, exacticly!) fourteen and one half years old.

Question of the day: Do you believe in aliens?


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