Today was a good day. So far.

July 2, 2009

Today I was volunteering at a scavenger-hunt library program and led a group of four kids (ages 9-12) around the library trying to find puzzle peices with riddles on the back that would hint where the next peice is. It was not so bad. Once we were finished, we got to make dragons and stuff out of play-doh and I made a big purple dragon with a red tail and a little green baby dragon. It’s pretty cute, I’ve got to say.

When the kids had all left all the rest of the volunteers and I just stuck around, talking and playing with play-doh.

I told them about my grade 9 clay art project where we were supposed to make mugs.

The teacher had shown us the 3 different ways to make them, there was the coil method (you roll it out like a liccorice and then make it a spiral coming up to form a mug), the slab method (roll it out w/ a rolling pin, then mold it around from there) and the pinch-pot method (where you just take a wad of clay and pinch it into a mug).

While everyone else decided on the easier and faster slab method, I decided I’d play expert and went for the difficult and time-consuming pinch-pot method. Which, I must say, made me in way over my head.

I was doing horribly one of the days we did it when the clay was stiff since it had dried a bit overnight. I added water to it, which made it muddier. I added a handle. It fell off.
Being a very muddy mug, it refused to stay put and slowly slid down into one of those soup bowl things.
And then it became a dog-bowl type thing.
I added two handles. One fell off. The other almost did.
So, once I got around to the painting, I focused more on the inside of the bowl and getting the entire outside of the bowl, I only belatedly realized that the outside only got one coat of it, so it totally ended up horribly.

So I sort of abandoned it in the art room…

It brought my art mark down to an 80%, which I wasn’t so upset with since an eighty is still good, but my mom was sort of peeved since art for me is like … popcorn and butter, peanut butter and jelly, math teachers and homework, scouts and camping, mold and wet paper-machet, … and words and reading.

But, I mean, who cares? I still won the art award for my whole grade!

Today was a good day. So far.

Question of the day: What is the most fond memory you have of failure?


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