July 8, 2009

Sorry about the unexpected break from blogging. (It was only, like, a week, but I’m still sorry.)

Anyway, to keep you updated I got my hair cut in the extremities (that’s a word, right?) the day before yesterday and so now it looks like some bob someone from the fifties or sixties (or maybe before that) could’ve had. But my mum said it looked really modern.

I am not a very modern or conventional person – at least in terms of fashion and style. Or at least increasingly lately.

What’s sad is one morning I walked out of the building to the car with my mom before school and it wasn’t until then that I noticed we were wearing the same outfit. (It was, in my defence, not a bad outfit.

True story.

Yeah, well anyways, my hair is now super-layered and is something like shoulder-length but not long enough to be able to tie back so much of my hair. AND I HAVE BANGS. They are angled/side-swept or whatever but the layers in my hair make it so that I could comb the one side foreward so they’re more like blunt bangs. But either way, they are too long. I am one of those people that goes nuts when there’s anything blocking my view and these bangs are constantly falling in my eyes and it drives me about as nuts as it drives me when someone goes and spells my name wrong.
I’ve considered trimming them a little myself but I’m afraid of any mistakes.

Sorry, gotto go. The sun’s going to set and I want to get a picture of it. (A drawing, not a photograph.)

Alex Violet.


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