Great Idea to bust summer boredom!

July 16, 2009

Okay, the first part is not nescessarily fun, but the second might be.

I’m planning on re-doing my room. Like painting it and putting up different pictures on the walls (I’m not so into Hannah Montana as I was a few years ago). But FIRST I have to clean it. Which is a LOT more trecherous than most cases. NO EXAGERATION (sp?): My Room Has Piles Of Clutter TALLER THAN ME. No kidding. I am a major packrat.

But the problem is, I live in an apartment. I’m not allowed to acutally paint the walls, the lightswitch cover, the doorknobs, or change that thing that covers the lightbulb (it does NOT look like a lampshade to me), or change the boring beige carpet, or the doorframe, OR the closet doors (which are broken right now, I might add. They’re the kind that slide open & closed and they’ve gone off the track a little.) However I think we’re allowed to nail stuff to the walls, like picture frames and door hooks. (Don’t ask me.)

But WHATEVER. I have got to find compromise after living my life in the smallest room ever, buried in clutter. SOMEHOW I will make it work.

Any ideas?

These are mine [I want it to look]:

  • Similar to an art studio (I have an easel I got so many years ago that I really want to be able to set up, plus I have a whole bunch of craft stuff and art stuff I need to organize)
  • Calm, elegant (but not overwhelming!), vintage, earthy, princess-like… (but not kiddie! I’m 14!) I like Claire’s room in Aquamarine)
  • I want to asociate (sp?) the colour pale green with possibly little flowery pink (or even purple) accents here and there.
  • But I can’t afford anything extra. Plus I don’t have room for new furniture. So looks like I’m going to be all reuse/reduce/recycle, and DIY and all that jazz.
  • Has this journal entry confused you? It has me…

    But anyway, the point is, if anyone (anyone at all! I know I have no readers, but whatever) at all knows any DIY websites and sources of inspiration for stuff like that for re-doing my room, leave a comment! Don’t be shy!

    This is an era of creativity! Be bold!

    New great idea: tie-dye!! 😀
    The possibilities are endless…

    Sincerely and creatively,
    Alex Violet.


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