My Dreams

July 27, 2009

Of course, I am talking about my plans for the future.

Here were my plans before:

  • I know what University I want to go to. (My second and third choices are yet to be determined. But my parents each recommend different universities.)
  • I was thinking of this for majors and minors: Philosophy as a major the first time around accompanied by an English Literature minor and Mythology minor. The second time around for university, I wanted it to be all about art. Maybe I’d have a different minor just to satisfy my sanity, but it would mostly be about art.
  • But here’s my new plan, or at least the new plan I’m considering:

    I’d be elementary school teacher.

    I am not the first person who thought I’d love being a teacher. I’ve heard it before, and I’ve thought about it quite a few times before but never actually… you know, said, “Yeah, that’s what career I want to pursue.”

    You know those career aptitude tests they sometimes make you take before high school?

    Yeah, well the top two (the first time I took the quiz) that came up when I took it were:

  • Probation Officer
  • Principal
  • Anyway, one of my friends who was beside me, immediately saw “Principal” and so she pointed at the screen, yelled “Principal!!!” and would not stop laughing.
    I just chuckled along because of course I’d heard this joke before. (My horoscope has told me I’d do well at positions of authority such as CEO, Principal, etc. since Capricorns are supposedly known for their disipline, attention to detail, and ambition.)
    I had to ask the teacher what a probation officer was at the time and you could tell she was trying to hold in a laugh when she explained what it was.
    Or maybe she was going to laugh at my expression as she explained it.

    I mean, when the quiz asked me if I was interested in law, I though it mean more of like a job as a judge or a lawyer. Not law enforcement.

    Anyway, my point is, I would not mind working as a teacher or a principal. I suppose I wouldn’t hate being a secretary either since I’d get my own office. I think I’d want to teach anywhere from grade 3 or 4 to grade 7 or 8. If I were a high school teacher I think I’d teach art or English or drama or something fun like that.

    And before you say “I think you’d make a good journalist, Alex. I mean, you do keep a blog AND a journal and don’t {often} copy things from your journal onto the blog,” I MUST say, that no, I would not have a good time as a journalist. I wouldn’t totally mind being a columnist, but I have too much personality for a plain ol’ journalist. I know, it sounds exciting, finding all the latest news firsthand, but I mean, you’d have to report it without any of your personal opinion in the article. And you’d have to defend the guilty parties if your news corporation was endorsed by them.

    Trust me. I’ve read up on this, and my mum’s career has mostly been centered around marketing and business and the like. She says that news is actually considered “entertainment” which I think is … kinda bogus. News is news.

    Anyway, I don’t really feel like writing anymore today. I’m fourteen and a half, and I am not in the mood to sum up everything right now.

    I have no question of the day.

    Alex Violet. 🙂 😛


    One Response to “My Dreams”

    1. Great idea, but will this work over the long run?

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