I am BACK.

August 28, 2009

I’m back, and it was a-m-a-z-i-n-g. We drove through the mountains to see British Columbia.

We went as far as Vancouver and I went up on Grouse Mountain (Grouse– pronounced like Sprouse, as in the Sprouse twins. Not pronounced like Gross.) in a cable car and then even farther up Grouse Mountain in one of those cool ski lifts.

It was amazing, but some people get awfully scared. I mean, I was a little frightened at first because your only restraint is the back of the bench behind you and the loose-ish bar holding you from falling foreward.

But you’d only fall off the thing if you did something incredibly stupid. I read in a magazine that only 3 people a year die on amusement rides. And usually it’s only if they do something stupid. (aka when they say keep your hands and feet inside the ride, they MEAN it. And they mean keep your abdomen inside the ride, too.)

Anyway, my point is after a bit, I got used to the height and the ride so I decided to let go of the bar in front of me. But then my dad got frightened and told my brother and I to hold onto the bar with both hands and not to let go.

The ride was pretty calm and quiet for the most part except when the people in your seat of the ride decide to speak. You could also hear the people at the end of the ride singing karaoke.

It was pretty life-changing.

BC is so naturally beautiful- but it was pretty sad how many trees were being chopped down to make tourist stops and attractions. I mean, the trees and the hills and the mountains should attract people. I agree that it’s a beautiful place to be and I’m guilty of visiting and enjoying tourist attractions, but I mean, shouldn’t there be a limit on it? In Ontario, there are laws about how much land can be commercial, and I think in BC they could really do with that.

Anyway, my little brother (who shall be referred to as either Little Brother or Buddy from here on in) has now allowed me to mention him in my blog. He wants me to now.

Buddy is making a smaller model of the Canadian Pacific railway, and the Last Spike. He is making it with his toy trainset, which I haven’t seen him use in a while. When we were littler we used to play with that trainset together. Which is basically the only thing we could play together nicely, considering that we’re about 4 years apart and it’s not as if we could play Barbie or Bionicle.

SO yeah. I had a good trip, I went to Alberta and British Columbia. I drove through the mountains. I stayed the night in a haunted hotel on the drive to BC. I had the best breakfast in the world at that hotel.

Well, I got my class schedule in the mail the day I got back. (Aug. 25) I’m satisfied with it. One of my friends and I chose all the same electives (singing, art, drama) and I left her an offline MSN message with my schedule and told her to IM me back if we were in the same classes. She sent me an IM back and told me we got the same classes for the ones we chose together. This is great since I get stagefright. ESPECIALLY for singing in front of people. Drama is okay, since I did it last year, PLUS I did a dinner theatre production, and I was good enough that people were rushing over to compliment me after I was done. So that made me less nervous. But that was about my acting. Singing, on the other hand, I have no clue. I did sing once for a talent show, once, and there were a few people complimenting me after. But I think they were complimenting me on being brave. I posted a YouTube video of me singing more than a year ago, and I must admit, it is NOT my best work. And I am not the only one who told me so. There are about 6 un-deleted comments sitting under it. And only one of them is slightly nice. It said to just keep practicing and ignore all the rude comments.
Anyway, I guess my voice is decent. It gets better with practice and if I know the song well. Plus, having it stuck in my head sometimes helps.

Song of the week: Don’t stop beleivin’! – Journey

Alex Violet.


One Response to “I am BACK.”

  1. Alex Says:

    Today, I added many links to this entry so you reader(s) have a clue of where I went and what I am talking about.

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