What a wonderful day in early October…

October 3, 2009

I really love this song, it makes me feel content and optimistic. It is the very epitome of the way today is.

The leaves around here are turning colours and it’s getting breezy (sp?) out.

It’s the sort of … orchard day.

The day you want to ride on one of those platforms with the straw that’s towed by a pickup truck. You want to ride that through a forest and sigh with happiness as you admire the beautiful warm colours of the leaves on the trees which create a canopy of shade onto the dirt road. Sunlight peeks out from holes in the canopy and envelopes you with warmth. You want to wear your most comfortable jeans and a cozy sweater. You want to have some apple cider and apple pie and sit by an old wood stove. Some s’mores and a purring cat beside you wouldn’t hurt either.

Gosh, today is so inspiring.

This is an orchard day.

I’m thinking I should put more videos and pictures into my blog. It’d make it more pleasing to the eyes.

Be Profound.


Today my Grandpa took my brother, mother, and I to the Pizza Hut. There are trees surrounding its parking lot and when we were inside, a fifteen-minute long thunderstorm occured.

When we got to the car to leave, (pun not intended) and the storm had pulled the leaves off the trees and blanketed the car with leaves.

I wanted to remember today, so I said “I’m going to take a leaf on top of the car and then put it in my journal.”

But my brother thought I said “I’m going to take a leak on top of the car and then put it in my journal.”


Alex Violet.


2 Responses to “What a wonderful day in early October…”

  1. ashleythinks Says:

    Optimistic indeed!
    Thanks for this.

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