This is what’s up.

October 8, 2009

I really love this song.

Heather Hunter is an incredible singer with a powerful (but not overpowering) voice. I discovered her on YouTube today.

Anywho; things are good with me. I’m pretty much booked this week, but that’s fine. It makes me feel useful.

I was selling t-shirts at lunch today for the student’s council and it’s alright. The most exciting thing about that is that I bought one and we’re running out of sizes.

Then yesterday, I missed most of my classes to help out with the pep rally. I worked at the canteen. We were giving out free hot dogs but everything else (water, chips, chocolate, etc.) was a dollar. So I had no problem with math.
Anyway, we only got 2 bottles of ketchup. For 400 hot dogs…
So, knowing most of the people from my school, when it got emptey, a few people got all anger-management about it and started banging it against the table and giving me rabid-looking expressions. I don’t know how I kept my composure at the time, but I must say, it was pretty hilarious, now looking back on it.


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