Audrey Hepburn

October 24, 2009

This is who I am being for Halloween.

Today my Brother, my Mother, and my Grampa were Halloween-costume shopping. It just seems like they’re the sort of people who’re into store-bought, ready-made costumes.

I, however, am not.

Halloween is a wonderful creative oppourtunity, and myself, being an incredibly and elaborately creative person, absolutely cannot turn down this oppourtunity.

I mean, I’m not sewing a costume or anything, since it would take too long (I have a surprisingly short attention span. It’s why I’ve not yet finished writing any of the 927094209 novels I’ve begun writing over the past five years.), especially without my mother’s sewing machine (goodness knows where that is) or any knowledge of how to use it.

So, being me, once I begun to outgrow store-bought, ready-made children’s costumes, I started to span my ideas farther from the average person’s ready-made costume.
Some of my ideas included a hippie, a drama queen, Hannah Freaking Montana, and whatever I was last year. I understand that Hannah Freaking Montana is not exactly original, but this was when I was 12 or so, (I turn 15 this December) and I had grown out of most store-bought, ready-made Hannah Freaking Montana costumes. [For the record, I do not mean offence by referring to Hannah Freaking Montana as such. It’s just that ‘Hannah Montana’ is not so scary for Halloween, but ‘Freaking’ in the middle adds fright! It does too.]

I was planning on centering my costume around the above photograph, as to my knowledge, it’s the most-seen photograph of Audrey, and I figure most people would probably recognize my costume if I dressed like this. Also, I could probably arrange a costume from this more easily than the others.

This is because I already have pretty jumbo-normous sunglasses, I might have gloves in my costume box somewhere, I could refer to YouTube tutorials for hairstyling advice, I could come up with some shoes (ballerina flats, either my gold ones or my black ones), and all I need is the dress. My mother says she might have it in her closet somewhere.

Also, I was thinking maybe a trenchcoat would help and keep me warm. My mother says she’s pretty sure one of us has one. That’s fine if we don’t though, since I have a powder-blue jacket that could pass.

So, in case I don’t write again until after Halloween,

Have a good Halloween.

Truly and sincerely,

Alex Violet.

P. S. None of these photos are owned by me. I googled all of these pictures. I did not actually , ever in my life, photograph Audrey. I was born a year after she died. So how could I have photographed her?


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