October 25, 2009

You’d think that a human being would be able to try their best without being critisized and proclaimed a failure.

Sometimes I feel like a teacher I know is the type of person that picks away at a person’s flaws until there is nothing left to degrade you. Then, when they have nothing left to complain about, they create it. They object to what little power you have left in you.

It’s like being held up like a pinata and beaten to the ground. Instead of taking the candy and rejoicing about it, they beat it too. They beat it into little bits until there is absolutely nothing left of you.

They are too lazy to come up with their own questions for you, so they assign you twenty questions out of the textbook. When you don’t finish them, they call you a typical lazy teenager.

They are always disappointed with the star pupil and not-so-subtly hint that everyone else is stupid.

They hold every person up to impossible standards. Metaphorically, you are expected to pole-jump over a bar raised halfway to the moon.

These people cannot possibly be satisfied.

I am satisfied in the fact that I won’t end up like that.

I’m going to try my best to work with this teacher, since they won’t be a main character in my life for very long, and if I do end up failing this course, at least I’ll have tried my stinkin’ best.

If I fail doing my very best, at least I will still have my dignity.

Besides, giving up would guarantee failure.

And I, Alex Violet, don’t want to give up. It’s against my philosophy.

Off to try my best,

Alex Violet.


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