Poem and my whole week.

December 19, 2009

WARNING: This entry is more than 2550 words. My average longer entry is about 750-800 words. This is my longest entry ever before. I guess you could say that this is a special holiday edition entry and also enough text to make up for all this lack of writing over the past few months. Press more if you’ve got the time.


My Poem:
Yeah, I know. Maybe it’s nothing ‘professional’, but I felt like posting it. Just because.

“I don’t know what to name this.”

These are the days I want to scream my heart into a microphone
To make people feel like they’re not the only one
The world might not fall at your feet
But you have the power to help up everyone you meet
As long as you’ve got a voice
You have some sort of choice
You can watch the world pass out of your sight
Or you can buckle down and hang on tight
No matter where you are, you’re going to find someone who’s willing to put up a bigger argument
But as long as you believe it, you can withstand anything, no matter how many a dent
You need to stay true to your beliefs
Put aside all of your griefs
As long as you have who you are
Know that you are a star


It’s been a really hectic last week of school for me, but overall I’d say it was worth it.

MONDAY: vocals practice through lots of the day (we got out of our other classes) and a little into lunch and so I missed the students’ council meeting at lunch and had to have the students’ council president fill me in, and let me know how I was supposed to help out with the Christmas auction which would be on Wednesday. I had to tell her I couldn’t help/clean up any after school on Wednesday because I had a youth council meeting @ 3:30 at the YMCA. (School ends @ 2:30 for me, but my bus drops me off at around 3:00, which is also when Corner Gas starts on one of those really big number channels.)

TUESDAY: vocals practice through the entire day and the entire lunch I think. We were signed out of the class at 12:00 though, (my school’s lunch period goes from 11:00-12:00; and everyone shares this lunch hour. Also, classes were smushed and cut off early that day because of the Olympic Torch run going through my town, so my class after lunch was mathematics) so me and my friend NAMELESS sat around in the cafeteria. She was playing my Animal Crossing game on her DS and I might’ve been playing solitaire (they call it ‘klondike’, I don’t know why) on her iPod. I was trying to convince her to watch the torch go by with me, saying things like “I don’t want to see it all alone,” and “You’ll regret it for the rest of your life if you don’t go, and if you do go, you get to tell your grandchildren about it someday, you get to tell everyone ‘I WAS THERE!'” and then I think I eventually got her by telling her that we either go accross the street to buy some onion rings from the fast food place (I hadn’t eaten and our cafeteria had closed by then) or we see the torch run. We killed time outside playing in the snow and making sound-wave-looking patterns in the snow with our footprints and taking silly pictures.
So we saw the torch run. It was LIFE-CHANGING. At least I believe so. They were giving out free coca-colas on a float infront of the torch runner and I didn’t get one. That was okay, because I had videoed the torch runner and I also got two free flags (one extra for my little brother) from one of the teachers who was passing by me and NAMELESS when we were sitting on a bench outside the school office waiting for a ride home.
Once I got home I lied down and had a nap until my mum came home from work and told me she bought me a shirt for the concert that night I was in with the rest of my vocals class and a couple of people in the school band.
So I arrived at the school auditorium around 5:00 (the concert was from around 7:00 ’til like 8:45, so I missed my pathfinders Christmas party) with some McDonald’s fries and a coca-cola in my hand and waited around while the instrumental people did their thing. I sat beside NAMELESS (who still had my Animal Crossing game) and played solitaire/klondike on her iPod. I think we conversed, but I don’t recall. Maybe we were out of conversation seeing as we were hanging out the whole day.
Then we did the concert and I rocked it. Bohemian Rhapsody was the last song. (Which I’m sure you’ll agree: is very fun to sing.) After the concert my mother told me that I was a better singer than most of the people that did solos. (I did backup only.) I already knew that, but I’m glad I heard it from my mother too.

WEDNESDAY: Forgot my lunch at school for the first time since third grade. So I ended up walking around the school with my friend Smiley all lunch hour. I was under the impression that I was supposed to help out with the Christmas auction at lunch, but that morning or so someone said to me it was going to be on Thursday instead, so I looked around checking all the places that I’ve ever been told to meet the student’s council in (the auditorium, the front foyer, the student council room, etc.) and eventually gave up.
After school I got home and turned the TV to a Corner Gas rerun while I prepared myself for the meeting and quickly stopped by the corner store to get some food since I was hungry since I missed lunch.
Then I walked to the YMCA for the Youth Council meeting which is a lot further than I thought. I thought I lived right around the corner from them so I gave myself ten minutes to walk there. But I think I took fifteen or twenty to get there. Oh yeah, and it was very windy and cold out and I forgot my hat and mits. I remembered my Secret Santa gift though, and it was a very soft burgundy blanket. I got a Rubik’s cube and a picture frame in return.
I walked home.

THURSDAY: Was not bad, I thought it would be the easiest day of the week since I didn’t have anything schedueled for the day.
Well, except for the Christmas Auction for either the whole morning or the whole afternoon (I forget) but that was during school hours and it was record-breaking with the $ we raised. Besides, my job was simple, I just passed cue cards to the auctioneer to tell him what item was next. Besides that, nothing really.
But then I was going to work on two assignments due during lunch. But then I forgot. So to stop myself from worrying I stayed after school to finish them in the library so I could just ask the office ladies to put my finished work in the teacher’s mailbox so I would not be late handing it in, technically.
I finished my work sometime between 3:30-3:45 just as the librarian told me she was going to close up the library. So I printed off my pages and looked them over real quick and left with my stuff. I went up to my locker and got the remainder of my stuff, then went down to the office and called my mother to pick me up. Now, my mom I know doesn’t usually walk in the door until 4, I’m pretty sure, and my brother (who is eleven) walks home, and that takes him until a little before 4, like around 3:50 or something like that. I wasn’t totally baffled when I got the answering machine, so I just left a message for someone to come pick me up ASAP and then I sat down on the bench with a book ready (Predator’s Gold by Philip Reeve: it’s the sequel to Mortal Engines which we’d just finished reading in Science class) and waited a very long time. It was around 4:15 or 4:20 or something when I called again since everyone should have been home by then. I got the machine, so I left about the same message and went and sat down and read again. I kept getting distracted from my book though since people actually were showing up for their late afterschool activities. I got a little worried around 4:40 and contemplated calling one more time and/or walking home. But since it’s the winter, it was getting darker out. I got up to go call again and ended up walking out the door at 4:45 or so. I kept walking down the street, and discovered that I do actually know the general route to getting home.
Walking out was a very bad idea, though, since apparently my mother and brother showed up five minutes after asking people like the janitor if they’d seen me.
I don’t know how long I’d taken but I was almost near the city hall and my legs were numb as were my hands, even though I was wearing gloves. I remembered my mum had once said that there was a ‘courtesy phone’ at the city hall: a phone I could use for free to call her to pick me up. So I went into the city hall and used the phone. I called my mum (got the darn machine again), told her I was okay, that I started to walk home, that my limbs were numb, and that I’d wait a while for her to pick me up then I’d call someone else to pick me up if she didn’t show after a while. I stood by the door, looking out the window as so many people walked by me, none of them asking me if I was alright, and few of them acknowledging me. There were actually two kids who must’ve been about 8 or 9 dressed in ski masks playing with walkie talkies, and one of them stood a few feet away from me, testing out all the channels on the walkie talkie, repeating “Over, over, over, over,” and over again hoping to get a response.
Eventually, I went over to the courtesy phone and pulled out an old permission form from pathfinders that had the pathfinder leader’s phone number on it and called her, remembering that a year or a few ago she’d told all of us pathfinders that just in case we were in a sticky situation, she’d be there. I explained my whole situation, trying not to cry the whole time (it showed in my voice) and asked if there was any way that she would come pick me up. She verified that I was at the city hall and told me she’d be right there. I thanked her and the phone call ended. I thanked God a few times that I had pathfinders, and better yet that I just so happened to have the outdated forms in my pocket. When she picked me up I kept on thanking her and I explained in more detail my situation and she asked questions about it and I answered. When we drove into my parking lot outside my apartment, she told me she would walk in with me to make sure I was all safe and she did and I was. My mum was home and she buzzed us up. She explained how when she drove into the parking lot, Buddy (little brother) ran out to the car and explained that I left a message that I was at the school, so they went out to get me and showed up at the school and when they couldn’t find me they got worried. They checked a couple other places like the Wal-Mart (I don’t know why I’d be there if I was desperate; no offence Wal-Mart) and then they went home to see if I called. I had just buzzed up as my mum was listening to the answering machine messages.
Knowing I was safe, the pathfinder leader went and got my Secret Santa gift and gave it to me. It consisted of a mug with hot choco. packages, marshmallows, a leather bookmark, chocolates, a hair thing, six of the Best Cookies You Will Ever Eat Besides My Mother’s., and a couple other things I don’t recall off the top of my head. I thanked her again several times and we wished each other Merry Christmas.
I had soup that night which I believe was suitable.

FRIDAY: Yesterday was a relief. There was smushed classes again since the Christmas Assembly was in the afternoon (my school always has really good and hilarious holiday assemblies; this year they had some students have a rap contest and a group of teachers were impersonating how students do things just to frustrate teachers, like forgetting to bring a pencil to class then forgetting their book after they just got back from their locker and sleeping in class and a bunch of ordinary things like that. But it was funny when the teachers did it.) I was supposed to get out of Math class to practice singing with my vocals class because we were in the assembly, but we were having a Christmas party and I already brought a bag of that Smartfood popcorn for it, and I just didn’t feel like missing it anymore. I also learned that my math grade has been brought up to a 61%. This is good by me, since I had a 58% last I checked. Last year I walked into the exam with a 64% and pulled of an 80% in the exam, then ended up with an overall 70%, which was good enough to go into academic grade 10 math (the smart kids class) this year. But now I’m not sure I’ll pull off another 80% on the exam (as much as I hope) so I’m trying to pull up my grade now as much as possible. We just started trigonometry which is all about triangles. Which is actually a huge relief.
Sorry, I went on rambling a little there.
The assembly was great and I got to go right home after school and the bus driver was giving out little chocolates to us for Christmas. I got two when everyone else got one (when I got on the bus, I remembered I was going to have a student council meeting, so I explained that and told her I wouldn’t be getting back on the bus. So she gave me a chocolate. So then I realized it was cancelled, and got back on the bus, telling her it was cancelled. When we got off the bus I told her I already got one and she said “Have another one!” so I said thank you and took another one.) so I gave one to my mother and one to my brother.

SATURDAY: Today we finally got the Christmas tree up (ours is of the pretend variety since my mother’s allergic to the real variety – plus it’s better for the environment since we don’t have to go and cut down a tree every year) and I’ve been in my pajamas all day. I’ve spent a few hours writing this entry and thank you SO much if you’re still reading it.

Have a wonderful, awesomazing, magnificent, miraculous, and memorable holiday!

Merry Holidays,

Alex Violet.


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