trees and the cloudless sky

December 20, 2009

trees and the cloudless sky, originally uploaded by Alexandra Ladybug.

Guess what? I have a flickr account now.
Search Alex Violet or Alexandra Ladybug (I’ll probably change the Alexandra Ladybug thing since it’s sorta longish) and that’ll be me.
This picture here is one of my favourites and it’s unedited, and I’m very proud to say so.
I’m not going to bother saying much else because yesterday’s entry was uber long.
Just hope your Sunday is pleasant like mine has been so far.

Alex Violet

Oh, wait. I do have more to say.
I’m almost finished reading Predator’s Gold by Philip Reeve. At least I think I’m almost finished. I’ll probably finish it by tomorrow or so.
I also have been watching Samantha Who? episodes on DVD with my mum and we all think it’s pretty funny. (Not all of it’s aproppriate though, you might want to know) It’s about a person named Samantha who wakes up out of an 8-day-long coma and can’t remember anything about her life. She has amnesia.
Anyway, it made me think of this one book I read the back cover of at the Chapters months ago. I believe it was called Memoirs of an Amnesiac or Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac. So just before my mother left an hour or two ago to go out to buy me some presents, I told her about this book that I wanted that wasn’t already on my wishlist.

So yeah, that’s what’s happening and this is a pretty photograph I took and put on flickr.

BTW add me on flickr, none of my friends in real life have accounts and sometimes I feel like no one will ever see my pictures unless I really put them out there.

Have a good Sunday.

Alex Violet


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