December 27, 2009

I’m sure I’ll probably edit this post later on; but these are my goals for the new decade:


  • Finish my novel already; and get it published.
  • 2

  • Audition for Canadian Idol
  • 3

  • Change people’s lives (for the better!)
  • 4

  • Pursue a career I love
  • 5

  • Visit another country for at least a week
  • 6

  • Be Happy 🙂
  • 7

  • Share that happiness
  • 8

  • Make history
  • 9

  • Learn to bake bread
  • 10

  • Do something prideful each year that I can remember the year by (like last year it was Dinner Theatre, this year the Student Council & The Youth Council)
  • 11

  • Be in a movie (even if I’m just an extra) (a sitcom would count too) (even just behind-the-scenes in a play)
  • But my main goal for 2010 is to write my novel and do my very best in school.

    On a different note, I got a texty messaging phone (is not activated) for Christmas as well as several other lovely items such as a sweatshirt with built-in headphones by Avril Lavigne’s Abbey Dawn clothing label and a box set of Jane Austen novels. (Tried reading Emma but didn’t get past the first couple of pages. Now I’ve read the first chapter of Northanger Abbey)

    My family and I went out shopping yesterday on Boxing Day. We visited Best Buy where my brother got an iPod shuffle (in aquamarine), and Chapters where I got Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac, which I read most of the morning. Really good book so far.

    At Best Buy my mother suggested we look at laptops for me. She originally suggested that I look into a laptop with my Best Buy gift card and my significant amount of money (by my standards) given to me by my incredibly generous family members for Christmas and my birthday.

    So we were looking at those really miniature baby laptops that are only, like, 1 gigabyte (that’s sixteen times less than my iPod, and my iPod is not even the newest version as I got it last year for Christmas) and I thought they looked absolutely adorable but they just wouldn’t be enough space for me.

    I formed a small checklist for things I must be able to fit on my laptop:
    – I must be able to have internet.
    – I must be able to write my stories on it.
    – I must be able to play the Sims 3.

    Anything besides that is just a bonus.
    So I saw this one that was of the larger variety and it was called the Acer ASPIRE (not sure about the capitals but I think it looks cool the way I typed it).
    Supposedly it ‘has Windows 7’ which everybody was treating as a program while all this time I thought it was a type of computer on its own.

    I don’t know. I just want a decent laptop for a small price.

    So yeah, life is great, hope it is for you too. I am off to activate my telephone.

    And my birthday is in two days.

    DECEMBER 29 2009 – Alex will be fifteen years old.

    Hope your last few days of the decade is lovely.

    Alex Violet


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