A Real Post

January 23, 2010

Sorry for phsycing you out there before. 😛

I’ve been going through exams and have a lot on my mind.
But TGIF, you know?

Here’s a little music to get your spirits up:

But seriously. Pull your pants up.

So, here are my happenings:

1. Halfway done exams. I continue with my vocals and math exam on Monday and Tuesday. (Actually, I’m not sure if there actually is an exam for vocals on Monday. I’m a little confused about the whole thing so I’m just going to show up and if there’s no exam, then I’m off.)
2. Shopping @ Wal*Mart with the lunch group today when my exam let out. (I speak of the best friends from school that I eat lunch with.) Bought Teen Vogue with one of my gift cards.
3. Determined with the lunch group that we should have a potluck on the first day back from exams. I will bring popcorn. 🙂
4. After Wal*Mart, walked back to the school by around 12:10 (the teachers were still there because they need to stay for the full day to get paid for the full day- plus, some of them had senior class exams which usually take, like, three hours each) and I got help with math for the exam I’ll be having on Tuesday. My friend Smiley sat there with me and listened to her MP3 player, staring out the window while I was figuring out the answers to a question requiring knowledge of either the quadratic formula or factoring. (Both of which I drastically failed my unit test on- but it’s okay, I understand them now.)
5. My school has been having a clothes-drive for Haiti. I think it was extremely successful, within a few days we had a pile of stuff about 2 or 3 feet tall, 4 feet out from the wall, and about 10 feet long. At least I think. And I noticed someone drop by a huge bag of clothes after all the rest of them were picked up today. It makes me happy inside to know that my high school cares.
6. I’m joining the arts council for my school when the new semester starts.
7. I got a laptop the Saturday before last. I’ve been playing the Sims 3 and writing my novel (about thirty pages have been created of it on this new computer.)

Alex Violet


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