February 7, 2010

The week just finished was the first week I had of semester 2.

These are my classes:
Period 1: Gr. 10 Academic English
Period 2: Gr. 10 Drama
Period 3: Lunch. πŸ˜€
Period 4: Gr. 10 Art
Period 5: Gr. 10 Academic History

These are all areas that I am INCREDIBLY talented at. For serious. I’m so going to have, like, a 88% average by mid-terms.

On the first morning (Tuesday- Monday was a PA Day) back, I was so freaking excited that I almost peed my pants. For serious.

I’m not sure where I first heard ‘For serious’, but I’m thinking it’s going to be my new catchphrase. You see, I go through catchphrase phases. Right now I’m trying to get ‘ace’ to be said along with ‘epic’. It’s easy to start these trends with my friends, because they’re the sort of people who think it’s fun to start trends.

Like “awesomazing”. I made a facebook group dedicated for people who use the word “awesomazing” in the summer. I think there were 8 when school started and today I checked and there were 45. (!) Most of them I didn’t even know in person!!!! πŸ˜€

Anyway, I’m getting off-topic, but that’s okay.

Now I’m going to tell you all about my awesomazing classes. πŸ™‚

We’re supposed to read Romeo & Juliet; To Kill a Mockingbird; and also Lord of the Flies. And we will be writing lots and lots. Which is GREAT!!! I love to write. Well, obviously. I write a blog, right? Last year in academic English I got a 84% and I know I probably could have tried harder.
But supposedly the teacher I had before was an easy marker and this one is a harsh marker. On those little sheets we’re supposed to fill out with little things about ourselves (our fav. classes; hobbies; and what our goal mark for this class is) I wrote that I expected at least an 80% of myself.
This is going to be much, much fun. I can tell. The teacher has a sense of humour, that’s why. Also, I’m not sitting alone in the back of the class like I sometimes tend to do. I sit in the centre column one desk up from the front, and someone sits beside me. And they aren’t a terrible person either.

Originally, I think this class had around 16 people in it, a cute little group to begin with. Then like, 5 people switched out. So stagefright is minimized, sort of.
Speaking of stagefright, I’m thinking I’ll just ignore it this time, like I did last year. Last year I was trying to prove to myself that I CAN act, no matter what anyone says. In elementary school, I got practically straight B-minuses in this subject. Last year I pulled of 90%. I think I mentioned this before. Several times. Sorry. But I will never get tired of bragging.
It’s a different teacher this year, one that’s more into the theoretical side of drama than the actual acting side of it. But it’s fine, since I love theoretical discussions.
And every day we do games (“vocal excersises, physical excersises, etc.” she calls them) and things like trust falls. And my antisocialism won’t affect anything, either, since I’ve known some of them since elementary/middle school. (For the record- I refer to gr. 7 & 8 as middle school since it was a different school than the one I went to during gr.6 and all years before that.)
And each time the teacher makes us pair up with someone new, who’s not our “best friend in the class”. So this time, people actually approach me, like I always wanted. But now I also don’t have fear of picking someone random, either.

My teacher for grade 9 art was the best- she was all “take your time,” and “it doesn’t have to be perfect, no matter what you do it will be a masterpiece”. On all the sketchbook drawings I handed in, she marked them ten out of ten. Except for the last one, which I didn’t do. (No time.)
Then, as you know, she gave me the grade 9 art award. πŸ™‚
This year I was supposed to get the other art teacher who I don’t know very well.
But when they handed me my schedule Tuesday morning, I did a double-take.
Oh my God. Thank you. I was almost going to pee myself again. I have the awesome teacher again! It’s as if all my brutal suffering of last semester pulled off! The fates are on my side!!! πŸ˜€
I’m expecting maybe an 86% in this class. I got 80% last year because I suck at clay.

We did an assignment on Thursday that was about one page front and back and a third of another page.
It was open-textbook and she gave us the page numbers.
I got like, a 97% on it.
In order to be exempt from the history exam, you need at least an 80% going into the exam. When I first head about this exemption policy, I was ecstatic. For serious. I’ve made a vow to pull off something way above that. And one I got the assignment back, I thought, NINETY!!!

This is going to be an AWESOMAZING semester.

My bladder told me so. πŸ™‚

The awesomazing and ecstatic,
Alex Violet

P.S. I should probably tell you about my favourite feeling in the world.

I walked through the doors every morning this week with the thought in my mind, this is the way high school is supposed to be, and I am NOT as stupid as semester one made me feel!!!


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