Girl Power

February 10, 2010

I’m sure I’ll write a more extensive entry on femenism if I find myself contemplating it in my mind a little more, but for now I’m not really in the mood for a longer entry. Let’s keep it brief.

I was reading an article today that possibly linked the uprise in femenism to unhappiness in women.

Last I checked, three people had commented. Two were men and one was a woman.

I have something to say about the last comment about a man (named Leslie) who went on about his belief that women are designed by God to be most comfortable in stereotypically female-dominated professions (like teaching, nursing, etc.) and are happy there and would honestly rather do nothing else.

Do you want to know my response???



In response to your comment, I must tell you that as a female, I would feel not only feel comfortable in a male-dominated profession, but that I would feel empowered and accomplished for defying stereotype. I would feel as though I have done not only myself- but ALL women some good knowing that I am proving something every day just by doing my job. Also, I would work harder to prove myself every day and by doing this I’d be ecstatically proud of my accomplishments.

Perhaps the reason that there MIGHT be a correlation between feminism and depression is that as more and more women prove themselves just as good as any man, the expectations of achievement are higher. A woman may feel pressured to be the best and sometimes those who don’t thrive under pressure suffer. Hence the unhappiness. Or if they are like myself, a person who will fight and fight for something they believe in so much, that after a while they may feel like there’s nothing to fight for anymore. If I have nothing to fight for anymore, then I feel useless. There isn’t anything more to achieve. No happiness to be brought by the achievements. Because there are none…

Another valid arguement is that a feminist might have their mind set on thinking that the world is run by men and the men are against her (assuming that the femenist is a her) and feel as though she has already lost. Women feel weak sometimes, (some of us more than others, we’re only human after all) as if they could never have the strength to fight for themselves as an equal. So they’d find themselves unhappy with these doubts.

So you see, it’s not nesessarily that a women is uncomfortable with the strength that being a feminist brings, it’s the pressure and the fight and eventually the boredom.

Not sure if you read #5 on the list mentioned in this article:
Most women are HAPPY to feel ACCOMPLISHED and RECOGNIZED for their efforts.

I apologize if I have offended anyone by expressing my opinion.

Yes, dears. I know what you’re thinking, and YES, I do have an opinion for everything. ‘Cuz I’m awesome and I think things through, perhaps a little too much.

But I think I have a good point. 🙂

Girl power is a GOOD THING!!!

Alex Violet


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