Today, Valentine’s Day, The Beatles, etc.

February 11, 2010

In honour of Valentine’s day on Sunday, I thought I should feature my all-time favourite love songs on my all-time favourite blog. ๐Ÿ™‚

All you need is love is my favourite love song. Well, almost.
Can’t buy me love is actually my favourite.

I really enjoy Valentine’s day and it’s festivities. There is a Valentine’s dance tomorrow. I’ve probably said that already. I’m also not sure if I will end up going. I’ve been second-guessing my automatic “I’d rather watch the Lightning Thief or go to a Pathfinder sleepover.” The latter more so. Maybe I’ll probably just ask my mother what she thinks I should do. That works 99.98% of the time.

Also, I changed the theme of my blog today to a new one called “Motion”. Doesn’t it look cool? I loved the other one and all, but I kind of wanted to change it up a bit.

I don’t really have all that much left to say, but last night I took UndiscoveredJulie’s (YouTube) advice from one of her videos and made a to-do/goal list for the immediate future/week. I crossed 3 of them off today, but they were simple things or obligations I’d have done anyway.

Like finishing an assignment, straightening out textbook fees from last semester, returning a borrowed book, updating The List category of my blog since I finished the borrowed book, etc.

It’s made me feel fufilled, little by little. But it reminds me… I need to go update The List.

So in case I don’t post again ’till after Valentine’s, Happy Valentine’s Day!

Alex Violet

P. S. I was helping set up for the Valentine’s dance after school today and some lady who works at the school (I’m not actually sure if she’s a teacher, guidance councellor, or what) was talking to one of the teachers that runs SC. The teacher that runs SC said “Hey, ______” [insert SC nickname of mine that is my last name with the “ee” sound at the end of it]. I said hi and walked past until the lady who works at the school stopped me.
LADY WHO WORKS AT THE SCHOOL: Sorry, can I ask what your last name is?

ALEX/SELF: ______ [insert name of my real last name here]

LWW@TS: Do you have an older brother that used to go to this school?


LWW@TS: Sister?


LWW@TS: Are you from around here?

ALEX/SELF: Well, I was born in Toronto, but I’ve lived here since I was one.

LWW@TS: That’s funny, because you really remind me so much of someone- a boy who used to go to this school who had the last name _____, too. [LWW@TS squints/smiles and points at me a couple of times then walks away.]

All I was thinking was, is this really even possible?

The only relatives I have in my town are the ones I live with. No one in my family who could possibly have the last name that I do (dad’s side of the family) should be living or have lived in ____ [name of my town] recently. (Other than me, my brother, etc.) (They all live in little pockets sparsed out over Canada, if you’re wondering.) My dad was also adopted by his stepdad (who had my last name) so anyone who could resemble me with my last name in my town would be really, really strange, since I don’t have roots here.

My conclusion is that LWW@TS is a time-traveller. My last name isn’t even really that common… I think? Well, I’ve never heard it before on anyone else… it isn’t like Jones or Smith or something…

Wow. Long “P. S.” Maybe there was no point in even including “P. S.” … oh well, ๐Ÿ˜› too late, I’m not changing it now… ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜›

Alex Violet


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