MLIA, Blame it on the Pop, Opening Ceremony of the Olympics/Vancouver 2010, and my day was lovely, thank you very much. :)

February 13, 2010

Today, I submitted an MLIA.

Yesterday, I watched the Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief in theatres. Near the end, it got to a very serious part in the movie and Grover had a line that said, “It is my duty.” I could swear that nearly everyone in the theatre giggled at the word “duty”. I am proud to be able to say I was one of them. MLIA

My brother has this “Blame it on the Pop” mashup song on his iPod shuffly, which I’ve been listening to while my own iPod nanochromatic ran out of battery. And then went through the wash…

So I just can’t get enough of this mashup. If you want to see it straight from the source, you can either double-click the video above or search “Blame it on the Pop” or “DJEarworm” on YouTube. He has a website where you can download it for your iPod, too, but I don’t know it. It’s in the description for the YouTube video, though.

Today my Grampa (who I call Papa) on my mother’s side visited us. We went to _____ [insert name of 20-minute-drive-away city that is larger than my own], ate lunch at Dairy Queen (I had 2 things o’ onion rings, 1 thing o’ fries, and a medium Pepsi), went to the Zellers (bought an Olympic tee- one that is red and reads believe accross the chest in white lettering), went to the Pharma Plus (Buddy bought an Olympic mascot hat), went to a second-hand bookstore, went to Chapters, went grocery shopping, and ate dinner at Pizza Hut. The waitress lady complimented my manners. She said they had really improved since the last time she had seen us at Pizza Hut.

My mother also bragged to the cashier lady at the second-hand bookstore about how I was destined to be a writer, and the cashier lady said there can never be enough writers in the world and asked if I’d sent anything in to a publisher yet. I said no. Then my mother went on saying about how my fourth grade teacher has sent writing contest flyers and newspaper clippings about young writers and book order brochures my way through my little brother, who still goes to my elementary school.

I was smiling the whole time. I love when people say nice things about me and they mean just that much more if I’m not asking them to say nice things about me. Plus, I’d never actually heard my mother brag about my writing in my presence before.

So today has been an overall good day.

Last night I stayed up ’till midnight to watch the opening ceremonies for the Olympics. I fell asleep when that ballerina guy in the harness was dancing over that wheat field thing and then woke up when my brother was yelling at me that KD Lang (singer of ‘Hallelujah’, I’m not actually sure I got the name right) was actually a girl, as if it mattered. (Although I am still unsure of this person’s gender, for the record.) They really sang it well, I’ve got to say.

I wrote a very poetic journal entry about what the Olympics means to me (unity of the world), the sort of person I want to be (as memorable and important and noble as the flag bearers or Wayne Gretzky, and if I die young *knock on wood* that people will honour me at least the way they did the fallen luge athlete, may he Rest In Peace), and how beautiful the whole ceremony was.

ALSO, I think it’s worth writing about that They Know Me in the Chapters. Really. The lady there (also known as H., she was the one who also works in the library and reccomended the Mediator [Cabot] series to me) actually approached me to offer me a coupon and then I turned around and she recognized me and was all “Oh, you got your hair cut! It looks nice.”

It makes me feel awesomazing, like I belong when people recognize me from public places I go to often. ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy Valentine’s ๐Ÿ˜€

Alex Violet

PS I didn’t go to the school dance. None of my friends were going to go either, which was basically what ultimately decided it for me. I don’t want to feel alone at a dance. It’s four hours long, after all. What the beep am I supposed to do?`:P It’s fine though, I had a nice night with my family. Watched the Lightning Thief (mentioned it already, but who cares! ๐Ÿ™‚ ) and The Opening Ceremonies (also mentioned it, but who cares! ๐Ÿ™‚ ) Life is pretty good right now. I’ve got Monday off for family day.


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