Terrible People and Dignity

February 14, 2010

You know, I was going to let it all out into my journal tonight, but I want to share this attitude with the world, it’s the sort of thing I’d like to hear someone else say myself. I’d admire them more for it.

Within the past hour or so I got a reply thing from a “feed” (I guess they’re like, group conversations) on FaceBook.

This girl I have never met before told me to “stfu” and then I think she called me a swearword or something else mean, but I don’t know what exactly it was since it was a bunch of letters that probably stood for the swearwords.

The original “feed” thing was basically a bunch of people I didn’t know telling everyone else in the conversation not to add them into the conversation and telling everyone else who was saying basically the same thing as them to stop talking/replying/whatever.

I wasn’t going to say anything. I didn’t know these people. Well, I knew two of them. But still. And most of them seemed pretty vicious… pirhana-like with their insults, rude and hypocritical.

So I waited for the conversation to die down. I’m guessing I waited about a month of all the emails overflowing my mother’s inbox. (I use my mother’s email for more important things like social networking sites, blog subscriptions, and when I signed up for the youth council, I gave them that email because I don’t really check my own.) I still didn’t say anything.

Until an hour ago or so. I got fed up and remarked on how hypocritical and ridiculous they were being. I said that I was sorry for saying this and becoming a hypocrite myself, but also that I hoped my comment would be the last.

It wasn’t.

About 20 minutes later I get this email notification from one of the girls in the conversation I didn’t know, attacking me for saying something, and telling me to “stfu”. (This is the comment I talked about at the start of this blog entry.)

I wasn’t going to say anything in response again. But I had a familiar emptey feeling in my stomach. The kind of feeling I loathe, the one I get when I don’t feel like I did everything I could.

So I did what I felt was right. I didn’t reply to the feed. I gave the girl a FaceBook message apologizing and saying that I didn’t notice I was the first comment in two days, that I was checking my email belatedly and the email notifications from FaceBook had all piled up in my inbox and I couldn’t tell the difference. I told her I was sorry again and even that I was sorry for this message. I told her I wouldn’t speak anymore. (Which I meant to be to her, it’s not like I’m going mute. I tried that once to prove a point and didn’t last 20 minutes. My voice is too strong to be silenced.) I said goodbye.

Anyway, my point of this little story is that it’s important to treat the terrible people with as much class as possible. If you hate somebody, don’t judge them. You probably don’t know them well enough if you think you hate them. Ever read To Kill A Mockingbird? That scene where Atticus tells his daughter you don’t have any right to judge someone until you’ve walked their whole life in their shoes, and usually by then you don’t hate them any more. You understand them, their intentions, etc.

I try to be like that as much as I can and I’ve gotten used to looking at people with an open mind and oblivious to visual imperfections. Because really, was Shakespeare remembered for his looks? Einstein for his funky hair and Mark Twain for his awesome mustache, maybe, but they had other things that gave them fame. As long as you’ve got something else to go by, though, these little things (hair, mustache, whatever) become more so your trademark.

I look up to people like Audrey Hepburn, because she had dignity and was very polite. She did what she felt was right for the most part, (or so I hear and watch in YouTube interviews from a back in the day- I never actually knew her, unfortunately) and if someone wronged her, she was calm and reasonable.

Princess-like in class, really.

The reason I don’t get offended so easily, though, is because I’ve got the confidence that one day I’ll show her. I’m going to be somebody important. I’m not going to be stuck here in high school the rest of my life. Unless I become a teacher. But that’s not my point.

I am above spending my life swearing at people over facebook.

I was born for better things. 🙂

Alex Violet, the Awesomazing. 😀


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