Well, POOP! I thought I already posted this!

March 2, 2010


I just tried posting another playlist here… but I’m not sure I clicked the right one. It’s supposed to say, “Alex goes through a rock-and-roll phase” because that’s the way I’ve been feeling for a long while. It’s like there’s a part of me that’s grown up loving all these great rock songs, listening to their familiar energy and the motivation in them while riding in the back seat of my mother’s old blue car before it died on us, the darkness in the sky ascending over and the stars coming out. I’d lean back and look up through the window (the window in the old car came up over most of the back seat) to stare at them, thinking how insignificant and significant I was.

I just never really realized it until I grew out of the wannabe-Hannah-Montana phase. I now realize that those who right now are trends are not nescessarily those who end up as legends. (They aren’t “trendsetters”, since their publicists tell them what trends to follow.) To be a legend, you have to always be yourself and never change. Only grow with the different things you learn, the people you meet and the experiences you have. The thoughts that pass through your mind define who you are… (I feel like someone really smart and legendary has already said that…)

I want to be more than a trend. I want to be a legend. It’s my goal in life.

To be remembered and looked up to forever.

So that is what I intend to do.

In other news, I heard the last survivor of WW1 passed away at 109 years old on Thursday. [the Thursday a week before yesterday.] It’s sad because I sort of wanted to hear his viewpoint on the war… Speaking of WW1, my mother bought me Leviathan on Friday, and I finished it Monday night. It’s a real page-turner, terribly addictive. The sequel comes out in October and I already feel deprived of this story. I reccomend it to everyone, even if you’re not really one for war stories.

In more casual news, last Friday at the SC meeting I checked something off my list of things to do before I graduate high school. I walked on the school’s roof. It was awesome. Awesomazing, in fact.

Here’s how it went. I was waiting outside the door of the SC room. To give you a visual of the SC room: It’s like a very large closet with green walls. It’s big enough for three tables or so and several cupboards. There’s a dry-erase board at one end where there’s a checklist of everything we need to discuss during the meeting. There’s a window facing the front parking lot and the sun blares through it during a certain time of the year, which put me in the habit of sitting near the middle of the room with my back to the window. Right outside the window there is a six-foot space of roof hanging out covered with gravel. Outside the door to the SC room the wall is wood-covered. There is a poster of a list of homerooms that have done well in participating in spirit days. Some teachers (and a couple students) get very competetive about being high up on the list.

Anyway, the SC president, who is a grade 12 girl who used to peer-tutor my geography class last year, and shall be refered to as Prez, came along with a girl who I’ll refer to as K.
Prez unlocked the door and K came in bearing assorted snacks (mostly cookies, like those Dad’s kind and Oreos, etc.). That’s when I remembered we instated the weekly bringing of treats to encourage people to show up to the meeting.
It was sort of an epic fail considering only two more people (not including Miss R, the teacher in charge of SC) showed up. They’ll be called E. and Dude. (B/C his name starts with a K also.)

So when we all sat down, K and Prez started joke-fighting and K said,
K: You know what? Go jump out the window.
P: And what? Walk out on the roof?
K: Yeah!
P: You know what? I will!
K: I want to too!
P: E., go check to see if Mrs. N (her classroom has windows in view of the roof) is still in her classroom.
E: Okay. *leaves*
Me: *giggle, giggle*
K & P: *stradling the windowframe, halfway out the window*
P: I am actually starting to get an adrenaline rush right now. An actual adrenaline rush.
E: *comes back* I just had the most awkward conversation with Mrs. N there, I walked in and was all, ‘Hey, haven’t seen you in a while, it smells like chlorine in here. Are those cookies?’ and she starts talking to me and I walk out-
P: *interrupting* So she’s in her classroom? *still stradling the windowframe*
K: Oh my God! *P & K come back inside* There was some lady in the parking lot that just walked past and gave me a dirty look!
Miss R: *walks into classroom just as everyone’s running back to their seats, trying to hold in laughter but not succeeding* What’s so funny?
E: N want’s to see you.
P: *bursts out laughing*
Dude: *also laughing but in that way that you don’t really notice they’re there*
Everyone but Miss R: *hysterical laughing*
Miss R: Seriously, what’s so funny?
P: N doesn’t want to see you, that’s what’s so funny!
Miss R: K, have you been drinking at lunch again?
K: I am like, so sloshed right now!
P: On a scale of SC to MCF (principal), where do you stand?
Miss R: SC all the way.
P: Well we went out on the roof.
Everyone but Miss R: *bursts out laughing*
Miss R: *faint smile* Well, when I was on students’ council here, back in the day, we used to get lawn chairs and put them out on the roof.
K: Really? *giggle, giggle*
Me: *giggles lessen*
Everyone: *goes about regular SC meeting stuff*

-Once meeting is over and Miss R has left the room-

P: K, do you wanna go out on the roof again?
K: Sure!
P & K: *climb out the window, standing on the roof*
Me: Hey, I wanna go out on the roof, too! *climbs out the window, walks a few feet out, admires view, life is changed forever, turns around to see temporary history teacher/student teacher/Mr. S standing in the SC room, panics!, runs back inside, trying to climb in the window and hold back laughter at the same time*
P & K: *also climbing inside*
Mr. S: Did you have a teacher’s permission to be out there?
K: *giggle* Yes. *giggle*
Everyone except Mr. S: *either holding back laughter or laughing that hysterical and silent laugh that people do sometimes*
Mr. S: *shakes head, holds hands up in the air and turns to walk out of the SC room* Okay then, I didn’t see anything!

Then I left to go to my locker and got all my stuff together. Called my mother to pick me up. Went downstairs to sit outside the office to wait for my mother to pick me up. Listens to Miss R talking w/ P & K. The conversation was like this:

P & K: *laughter*
Miss R: Did you guys go out on the roof again?
P: Yes.
Miss R: Okay, this is your warning guys.
P: Okay, but next time [Prez’s full name] and [K’s full name] are out!

But I just sat there on the bench grinning. Miss R had no idea and still has no idea I’ve ever been on the roof. It’s wonderful.

That night I went to a sleepover with Pathfinders. Guides, Brownies and Sparks were there too. I got to read the little kids a bedtime story. A picture book first, then I read aloud some book with a talking dog who had a French accent. I tried reading it in a French accent, I think the Brownies and Sparks found it entertaining.

I figure I should finally post this and get back to my regular (okay, maybe not so regular) posting routine.

Alex Violet


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