Do you want to read my third sonnet?

March 3, 2010

Pushing Freedom
Alex Violet

Do you ever wake up and to yourself you say,
“Today what they think of me doesn’t matter.
I refuse to define myself that way.”
But the more they talk, you just get madder…
If I do what they say is right,
I have given up my own voice,
For their ethics are not airtight,
And I should get the power of my own choice.
“You cannot carry the weight of the world on your shoulders,”
The wise ones say. “Sometimes you need to let go.”
But the things I let go crash louder than boulders,
Though the relief that comes with them is good to know.
Now that I’ve been given my freedom,
I look back at my troubles and think, who needed ’em?

The key to my heart and soul, right thur’. 😛

I don’t really have the time to make a super-duper long and elaborate entry (I’ve sort of let my to-do list accumulate a little too much and am just getting around to crossing stuff off) but I thought I should give you some words. I wrote that sonnet last night. Stayed up until 11:20pm or something. Didn’t really read since I had been writing one of my new books all after-school minus pathfinders.

By the way guys, I’ve started 5 more books on top of my main one. I think it’ll be easier for me now, though, because I get to choose which one to work on depending on my mood. Within the past two days I’ve been working on my vampire one though. Another has a ghost and another has time travel. I love it because I’m finally fufilling thoughts I only entertained beforehand. It feels more natural having more stories on the go and writing whenever I feel like working a certain story. I can only focus if I’m distracted.

Also, I just finished watching American Idol, and I think I should say Shioban Magnus is my favourite. 🙂 SHE WILL DOMINATE. You see, I coulda said ‘win’ but ‘DOMINATE’ sounds cooler.

Busy but happy,

Alex Violet

PS I did course selections today. Tell you ’bout them later.


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