March 5, 2010

Yeah, I was going to go a little more poetic with the title of this entry, but this one would summarize how I feel about Fridays better than anything poetic. πŸ™‚

In drama class yesterday we played this game called “Emperor”. Everyone in the class sits in a circle. One person sits on a ‘throne’ (it’s a VERY strong cardboard box poorly painted in a lovely midnight sort of colour which would match the paint on the walls of the drama room if it was less gray and less streaky) and is the ’emperor’. Everyone else in the circle are numbered subjects. (Subject #1 on the right of the emperor, all the way around the circle until Subject #15 on the left of the emperor.) No one is allowed to laugh. If the emperor laughs, they go back to the start and become Subject #1 and the previous Subject #1 becomes Subject #2 and so on. Previous Subject #15 becomes the new emperor.
All the subjects cannot move unless the emperor tells them to, or they put up their hand to either compliment the emperor or tattle on someone for laughing. They cannot speak unless the emperor says “Yes, Subject #_, you may speak.” The emperor is not allowed to address someone with anything other than their subject number.
If the emperor catches someone laughing or speaking or moving without the emperor’s consent, then the emperor can tell them to do anything they want. (The teacher demonstrated by making one girl run around the outside of the circle calling out, “I’m a pretty pink pony!” over and over, while making another person do the dance to “I’m a little teapot.”)

When my class played it, it was EASY-PEASY to become the emperor, (I started out as like, Subject #7 or something) since everyone in my class burst out giggling the second they sat on the ‘throne’. No kidding. One person maybe lasted a full 5 seconds.
When I got to become emperor, I knew I was going to be PRO at it. You see, I have really deep and serious thoughts despite being a 15-year-old girl who has a pretty good sense of humour, if-I-do-say-so-myself. πŸ™‚ So all I did was think about infinity, the meaning of life, what might lie at the ends of the universe. PLUS I can be a loner at school a lot so boredom sometimes takes over and I find myself eavesdropping. And if someone says something funny, I have practice holding it in. And when I was in elementary school, people made fun of my awesome laugh. (They, unfortunately, did not see how truly awesome it was, until like eighth grade and they started laughing harder and saying, “Alex, I love your laugh!” And it made me happy to make people laugh. Not that I was ever offended by their jokes to my laughter since third grade when this b** of a “friend” told me I laugh too much.)
ANYWAY, my point is I have lots of practice keeping a straight face when I need to, but I still would rather share my laughter. πŸ˜›

So when I was emperor that’s just what I did. People started putting their hands up. “You look absolutely GORGEOUS today,”; “I LOVE your scarf,” in the silliest voices. I only replied, “Thank you.” Everyone kept giggling; but I only addressed people like Subject #1 and Subject #2 because I didn’t feel like counting all the people up to #7 and beyond.

Me/Alex: Subject #1, you are laughing! Stand up, do the macarena!
Subject #1: Are you serious?
Me: Yes, I am one-hundred percent serious.
Subject #1: But I don’t even know the macarena!
Me: Stand up!
Subject #1: [stands up] Are you serious?
Me: Yeah, I’m serious!
Subject #1: But I can’t do the macarena! I don’t know how!
Me: It goes like this. [straight face, does the macarena’s hand motions, jumps to face Subject #1] Hey, macarena!
Everyone in the class minus, like, three people: [giggle, giggle]
Subject #1: Are you serious?
Me: Damn right, I’m serious!!! And you’re talking without my permission, Subject #1, so I’m going to make you do the ‘I’m a little teapot’ song instead.
Subject #1: [Still does not do either dance, still asking if I’m serious non-stop.]
Me: Subject #2, show Subject #1 how to do the dance.
Subject #2: [gives me a ‘look’- does not stand up to show Subject #1 how to do the dance]
Subject #15: [giggle, giggle]
Me: [turns to Subject #15], Subject #16, switch places with Subject #1.
Subject #14: [switches places with Subject #1]
Me: [confused, but decides not to say anything.]
Subject #7: *raises hand*
Me: Yes, Subject #… [counts and re-counts to find out what number Subject #7 is] 7, you may speak.
Subject #7: There is no Subject #16.
Me: [my oopsie-poopsy face: eyes wide, staring out window, lips puckered- sits to take the postition of Subject #1]
Subject #1: [to me] You’re really good at this game.
Mrs U (teacher): Okay, that’s enough.

and we have finished the game

It was so much fun. I’m better at this game than any of the other concentration ones.

Another good thing about my life lately is that I got elected as Student of the Month at my school along with the rest of the Students’ Council. (Out of about 700-900 students, something like 20 get to be Student of the Month each month.) Today everyone who was Student of the Month got to have a free pizza party (with those ADORKABLE mini-pepsi things) in the guidance office. About 18 people showed up, and what’s even better is that one of my best friends Smiley got elected as Student of the Month the same month as me, so I wasn’t at the pizza party alone. I got my photograph with the Students’ Council and also some guy who has a big title and works at the School Board office or something. (“Board of Trustees” is what I heard.) AND the pizza was AWESOMAZING.

In a couple of weeks (maybe next?) I’m going on an art field trip to visit an artist the next city over. It rules, we get the afternoon off. And on the first Friday in May, we get an art field trip to Toronto for some grand opening of a gallery or exhibition or something.

So long story short since my mother’s kicking me off the computer,


At the epitome of happiness,

Alex Violet. πŸ™‚

PS Did I tell you I’m going out West again this summer?! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


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