Just a Saturday

March 6, 2010

Saw this on a blog I’ve subscribed to today, and thought I would share. She has an awesomazing voice. Just sayin’.

Went shopping today, then saw Alice in Wonderland 3D.
Bought a lovely blue and red plaid tank top with pockets in the front from Garage ($27.90, I was surprised when my mother didn’t turn it down because of the pricetag, actually) and a pea-green jacket from American Eagle. (I’ve been making exceptions about boycotting them for their use of sweatshops because I don’t go there very often, and when I do, I buy things only on sale, which this jacket was.)

I would have loved Alice in Wonderland a lot more if the freaking stereotypes behind me would be quieter. I mean, EVERY LINE is not supposed to be ROFL-larious! Let the people around you pursue the suspension of disbelief! Other than that, though, I guess I liked it. I like Narnia better though.

Another thing, I’m thinking of taking a walk outside more often now that the spring is starting to push through. I actually didn’t need to wear my coat when I walked to the corner store to buy a litre bottle of pop after the mall. And it was nice.

My mother wants me to get off the computer now, so g’night.


Alex Violet


One Response to “Just a Saturday”

  1. Allyson Says:

    I liked the movie a lot, but there were only a few parts where I actually laughed out loud. Even then, it wasn’t one of those hysterical laughs. Sorry you had to deal with annoying people. That can ruin any movie, no matter how good it is.

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