I know it’s Monday, but I am in a GOOD mood.

March 8, 2010

I LOVE THIS SONG. It’s so catchy, it’s the song I could have playing at me for a full 24 hours and have no problem with it. I first heard it in The Vampire’s Assistant movie, which I also LOVED.

Today was way better than I thought it would be. I was going to be busy all day, what with an SC meeting @ lunch (which ended up taking the entire lunch block), yearbook money to hand in, Art field trip money to hand in, a History poster and full-page description of the poster due, some homeroom survey things to figure out (from the Youth Council), and I had to ask the English teacher if I could switch my project from sewing a line of dolls with the characters in Romeo & Juliet to a project where I’m making a whole bunch of masquerade masks like the ones the characters wore to the Capulet Ball. I’m also supposed to make words that say how the masks represent the family and/or character of the wearer/character. She said it was fine, as long as I can figure out enough words.

Also, we did a little practice-literacy test (it’s an English test all the people in Ontario have to pass in order to graduate high school, taken in grade ten once if you pass, and then again yearly if you don’t) where we answered short-answer questions. The questions were like:

1. What was your favourite childhood game and why?
2. How could advertisers successfully market a product to teenagers?

The second one I was a little confused so I put that you should stress that it’s affordable and that their parents and peers will approve.

The first one I answered the first thing that came to mind, which was hopscotch. I answered that I liked hopscotch because I loved being outside and competing with the neighbourhood kids. We would spend summer afternoons seeing who could draw more hopscotch squares on the sidewalk. It was really more of a sidewalk-drawing game than a hopping game to us, I guess, since we spent so much time with our knees on the pavement, working on these elaborate (we added other obstacles, like signs saying spin around five times) games and so little time actually playing it.

The teacher was so excited about my answer that she used mine as an example of level 4 work when talking to the class about what they are expected to answer for these types of questions. She told me that mine was really good.

Oh, and she has a reputation for being a harsh marker. Just sayin’. 🙂

Drama today RULED. We were miming. 🙂

I paired up with this one girl who was in my Civics/Careers class last semester. We pretended to play volley-ball.

BEFORE I CONTINUE: There’s something I should tell you about myself. I can come accross as quiet/nervous when I’m at school, depending on how well you know me and who you see me with. Like if I’m sitting beside one of my best friends I’ll act the way I do when I’m with my best friends. Crazy, fearless if you will.
No one in my Civics/Careers class last semester was really close friends with me. I guess a couple of them knew me in my first elementary school but we weren’t exactly friends if you catch my drift.
But since the start of high school I always felt there was something to prove in drama. To prove to everyone watching and most of all to myself. I did it so I could tell people not to mess with me: this is something I can be and AM good at.

When we were miming, it was fun. I pretty much had the whole senario in my head before the teacher was done explaining.

We would go to upstage right (think farthest back on the left from the audience’s point of view) to get our volleyball net out and then we’d stretch it out and tie it up to the poles.

Then A (the girl in my Civics/Careers class from last semester) got the volleyball out after we pretended to stretch and I got to start pretending to smash-talk her.
I’d be mouthing, You are SO going down! You see, your face? [Points to ground, starts stomping on it] Yeah! You are going DOWN! and then she would be shaking her head and getting ready to serve the volleyball.

We’d get faster and a couple times we had to pretend to get scored on. (It needed to be at least a minute and a half to two minutes, after all.) I’d be all Oh no you didn’t! [that whole side to side snap-your-fingers-bob-your-head thing] and she’d be nodding with an attitude.

When I scored I’d be all In. Your. FACE! and I even fit in a couple of happy-dances.

I guess you could sort of say that we had a script without making any sound.

After a couple of points, I’d get hit in the eye with the volleyball and keel over, MY EYE, MY EYE! I’d hold my left eye with my hand and my other eye was wide as heck.

I’d be punching the ground and A was supposed to run over, trying to comfort me but not knowing quite what to do, and eventually running away from not wanting to be in trouble.

I’d be all Oh no you DIDN’T! one more time and chase her off the stage.

It was HIL-AR-I-OUS!!! AND we got the biggest applause!!! 😀

That alone made my day! Even a Monday!

Even though the SC meeting took all of lunch, I still enjoyed the meeting. (Our professionalism trailed off when a couple of them started telling us about this one hypnotist and the crazy expressions he made people have by making them think they were on a REALLY fast and unstable roller-coaster.)

I finished my history project (I only had the words left to do) during art and the teacher had to tell me to focus on art because I have a lot of painting to do. (AKA I’m falling a little behind.) I thought about telling her that it wasn’t the only thing I was going to fall behind in, (that’s why I was working on my history) but Mrs. T is just too nice. She’s my favourite teacher, too.

So in history all I had to do was staple my poster to my words and hand it in. We watched the last half of Passchendale. (sp?) Plus did notes. I think my project was PRO. I mean if I spent a little more time on the poster (especially the faces of the people) it might’ve been a little better, but the teacher said we weren’t getting marked on the art part (RHYME!) of it, so I figured it didn’t matter. I think it looked really nice overall anyway.

After school my mom took me in the car to pick up Buddy because we were going to go get some of those awesomazing cheesey-bites pizza’s from Pizza Hut. BTW THEY RULE.

The weather is so great today, I didn’t really need to wear my coat out and my palms have been perspiring most of the day. (In my opinion that’s not gross. It’s regular. Like sneezing every once in a while.) I have a feeling that the summer is going to come early this year. The air already feels like it. You know, the relaxed optimism in every breeze.


I hope your Monday didn’t suck, either. 🙂

Alex Violet


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