March 12, 2010

At my school we get today off as a ‘Non-Instructional Day’. So March break starts EARLY. 😀

You don’t know how many YouTube videos I watched, trying to find the perfect Bowling for Soup video for you. I chose this one because their interruption after the “Stop. STOP. STOP!” lyrics is the funniest I’ve seen out of the videos I watched. Bowling for Soup RULEZ.

Yesterday I did a Pathfinder thing. We were supposed to meet at the Pathfinder leader’s house to uproot some of her daffodils (they’ve sprouted about an inch, more or less, above dirt level) and walk them over to the church to plant them. We worked from around 4:30 to 6:45 when the sun was going down. Only two other Pathfinders showed up, but we all had fun anyway.

At one point me and one girl were digging holes for the daffodils and we hit the mat that’s under the soil and didn’t know what it was at first.

B (the Pathfinder that was digging with me): Oh my God, what is that? It’s moving! [Pokes mat with hand-shovel/trowel/whatever-they’re-called, it moves]
Me: OMG, it’s a dead body.
B: [Giggles]
Me: What if it really was? Someone just burried a dead body ou’side the church? Would you like, freak?
B: Yeah.

The Pathfinder leader burst our bubble, though by telling us what it really was. Both me and B were disappointed.

But it was okay. 🙂

After the two other Pathfinders left, the Pathfinder leader (we call her Tigger, I hope it’s okay that I say that on the internet…) invited me and my mother and brother (who also helped garden when the sun started to disappear) inside the church and offered us chocolate milk and gingersnap cookies. Which rule. I got to finish off a whole row of them from the cookie bag.

I’ve found it easier to sleep a lot lately, too because I haven’t had pop in days and gotten a reasonable amount of fresh air and on top of that, my to-do list has been lengthy lately.

Especially for school. I was supposed to have four assignments and a test due this week. (But lucky for me the test is postponed until the day we get back from break.)

I had a Student Council meeting on Monday at lunch.

Plus I had to sell tickets all lunch on Tuesday for the staff-student hockey game the next afternoon.

I walked home from the hockey game with Smiley on Wednesday, which is a very long walk. Not as long as the walk from school though, but still over an hour or so. But it was worth it, since it was such a beautiful day out. I got home by a little before 3, which is usually the time I get home by on the bus. I fell asleep for a while with my cat on my stomach, and woke up when my mom made me go to the Youth Council meeting.

After that, Thursday was really a relief.

Even though a presentation of one of my assignments plus a written response of the book, To Kill a Mockingbird were due, it was great. The teacher complimented my assignment and said it was a really unique idea, no one’s ever made masks for the assignment before.

We had been given a list of assignments to choose from last week, the last one on the list being anything the student can come up with as long as the teacher approved. I spent hours on making masquerade masks for the characters Romeo and Juliet and then ten minutes explaining how they represent the characters.

Long story short, life has been busy but fufilling lately. 🙂

Alex Violet


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