This is what weirdness lurks in my life.

March 30, 2010

I’m going to start off with another sonnet. It is my ninth one and I call it Inescapeable Darkness. It’s sort of about my town and sort of about everyone’s quickness to enlist in the military before they even know what they’re getting into. Just because you’re killing the enemy doesn’t mean you’re not killing people.

Inescapeable Darkness
Alex Violet

Everywhere I hear gunshots, see bruises.
“Violence is not the answer,” I’ve always been told;
But then, “not everything can be solved with spit-shakes and truces.”
No sum or price should life behold,
Yet there are those persuaded without speaking a word.
You cannot stand alone, your spirit, it won’t allow;
So you do what is natural: you follow the heard.
Not to your wrongdoings but intentions, I bow.
When the media’s messages are so hypocritical,
Who the hell, what the hell are you supposed to believe?
For you, trust is natural, but I’ve become cynical.
The growing wounds of Earth aren’t so quick to revive.
When you can’t run away from others’ tears,
Who’s to say it won’t take over, your fears?

I think my poetry is starting to become darker and darker… I bet that if someone could read my mind but never see me they might think I was emo.


-I am now certified in First Aid.
-I am busy.
-Life is good and overwhelming but I know it will pay off.
-I am so busy I’ve got to leave now.

So bye,

Alex Violet

PS No time to give you a good video from YouTube (plus several have the audio ripped off since Prince doesn’t like people appreciating his music by doing covers) but I completely recommend going to and looking up “When Doves Cry” since it has been stuck in my head for the past two or three days since it is AWESOMAZING.


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