April 1, 2010


Remind me to NEVER EVER in my LIFE spend 3 hours outside in June-weather under the blazing sun without at LEAST remembering to have a glass of water (or seventy) beforehand, and STRONGLY recommend me bringing a water bottle (or seventy). My throat still stings even though I’ve had, like, ten (or seventy) waters since then.

My God it’s April (first, nonetheless) but it’s like June out there. Gorgeous, sunny, warm. But it makes everyone parched.

I didn’t really do anything exciting for April Fool’s day.
ME: You have a spider in your hair.
FRIEND: No I don’t.
ME: No you don’t.

This doesn’t count.

Overall I’ve had a pretty good day, though.

Oh YEAH, and I wore a scrunchie on that walk. 🙂 😛

AND at lunch the detention lady plus a vice-principal and a principal got duct-taped to the cafeteria wall as part of a fundraiser we did at our Christmas auction back in December. (“If we can raise $250 more in the next ten minutes, we’ll duct tape Ms. S to the wall!”) It was a WIN.

Alex Violet


3 Responses to “Dehydration.”

  1. eccentricartist2010 Says:

    You clever little conniving human. jk. No thanks though. What a coincidence that you too have a flickr account and btw thanks for the invite/add gladly accepted it. Once again I’m highly timid but it’s nice to know that a leech like you cares. I just recently added that flickr link and BAM! contact add right away. You’re quick. anyway thanks again and hope to further develop this internet socialization here on the blogs and maybe flickr.

    – Righteo mate. Smashing. eccentricartist2010 signing out.

    • Alex Says:

      I’ve got to be honest: I don’t really understand what you’re trying to say… Well, I understand for the most part. About flickr and then the last sentence. Just not the “Once again I’m highly timid but it’s nice to know that a leech like you cares.” I can relate to the timid part. I am usually quiet and nervous around people unless I’ve got a couple of friends who know the real me. Because with them around, I feel like I have to hold up the role of the person they know me as, and it’s more fun anyway. But other than that, I have a terrible habit of closing myself off to the world. (Trying to break it.)
      I mean this in the nicest possible way, though, but why am I a ‘leech’?

      Oh and please try not to judge me based on this blog entry alone since some of my entries from a week ago or more are a little less shallow. (You could click on either categories “philosophy” or “political opinion” for examples.)

      • eccentricartist2010 Says:

        I did not mean it at all in as a demeanor but it surprised me that you added me on flickr. I just started that account last month. I just wanted to use it to post my artwork that I’ve done. I didn’t expect people to actually find it. I just added the link so I could get to it w/o having to login to flickr every time. Not leech in the literal sense but it just surprised me that you added me on flickr; also the fact that I don’t have a lot of followers. I just mainly keep this blog to avoid total regression and instead keep a chronicle of how things are going. I didn’t mean anything negative and no connotations either. I’m highly superficial.

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