Free Cupcakes. :)

April 10, 2010

Yesterday was magnificent. Best day I had all week, pretty much.

The morning was okay, English was good, but forgettable.

DRAMA: Before I get to what that class was like I’d better explain the assignment. Two weeks ago (or so) we were handed these sheets of photos of people from other places in the world. The layout looked like yearbook pictures but no one was smiling. The teacher told us they were passport photos. We were to cut out the picture of one person we felt we could relate to judging only by their appearance, then we were to make a backstory for them. She gave us the year they were leaving: 1932. They had to have a reason for leaving their country and coming to a more developed place in the world, but we weren’t allowed to be specific. (The teacher just implied it would be either Canada or the United States, or something similar.) After we had their backstory, we had to prepare a skit (the teacher emphasized that it was supposed to be serious and not comedic) where they told someone in their life that they were leaving, or that someone found out. Everyone was supposed to have a skit for their character and we were supposed to grab other people to play the other characters in our scene. The teacher advised we just get into groups and work with the people within those groups.

My character was a nanny for a family with abusive (yet wealthy) parents and a six-year-old girl. (My character is something like thirteen.) I was trying to leave since the only family I had left (brother who was a child labourer) was beaten to death by his boss. Since my character gets beaten regularly, she is afraid to go down the same path.

So on the very first day we were supposed to practice our plays/skits/scenes/whatever I just called out to anyone within earshot, “Okay, I just need one person.” (For the little girl I’m nannying.) And then one of the new girls walked over. (Let’s call her K.) She only needed one person in her group too.

Her character was a young woman who grew up with a physically abusive father and rushed into an unhappy (and verbally abusive this time) marriage to get out of the house. When my character (the meanie-pants husband) hits her, she leaves.

Yesterday, the teacher had everyone take turns with their skit/play/scene on the stage in our classroom. (The stage= basically foot-high wood boxes covered in carpeting.) She wasn’t marking them since she felt most of us still had some work to do on them, but we were performing only for feedback. (From both her and the class.)

I performed mine while she was there and she said I needed to work on building up to a climax. I thought I already had, but I guess it wasn’t obvious enough.

A while after that the teacher had to leave for an appointment or something and my art teacher came in to supply. Which is great, my art teacher is my favourite teacher. While the drama teacher is difficult to please (not that I have a big problem with it much anymore; it just gets annoying sometimes and I usually blame it on the fact she’s pregnant and sometimes pregnant ladies are irritable), my art teacher thinks everything is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Even when she does notice something that could be better, she’s always really friendly about pointing it out. I also get the impression I’m one of her favourite students because of that art award last year and those constant ten-out-of-ten on homework assignments and her trying to recruit me for the art council until I joined.

So when I got up there to act in K.’s scene, I felt like I had something to prove. And that’s not ALL I’m good at! So when I sat back down I still felt that huge adrenaline rush and I got fantastic reactions from all present. I love proving myself. (K.’s character was supposed to be meek until the end when she decides to leave. She got good reactions from that, too.)

ART: If that alone wasn’t enough to make my day, art class after lunch was great too. We were working on clay masks. (Last year when we were working on clay I didn’t do so well. In fact, I blogged about it. Try looking at some of my earliest entries back in June for the story. This year is different though.) When we had something like 15 minutes left, one of my best friends knocked on our classroom door to invite the whole class (of about fifteen; I love our small art class) to visit her business class where they were giving away FREE CUPCAKES AND COOKIES! Ms. T (art teacher) told us we had to clean up first. So we cleaned up in something like half the time it usually takes us since everyone was cleaning. And we were more enthusiastic about it, too.

While we were cleaning, one of my other new friends, J., told me she signed up for yoga club this week. I was overjoyed since I signed up, too. She told me she didn’t go to the first meeting.

“I didn’t either, but that was because I was supposed to be somewhere else. I sign up for too many extra-curriculars. Mondays are Students’ Council, Tuesdays are Pathfinders, Wednesdays I have Art Council at lunch and at least once or twice a month I have Youth Advisory Council after school at the city hall, Thursdays I just signed up for Yoga Club and Fridays I have Students’ Council again. On the weekend I may or may not have a Pathfinders or Youth Council event-”

Her eyes widened. “You know Yoga Club is on Tuesdays, too, right?”

“Yeah, I know, I just forgot to say it.”

I think I have a problem. I’m addicted to extra-curriculars. But I just like to feel like I’m doing something for the world. Or maybe even just myself. I spend too much time on the computer, maybe I’m trying to make up for it. Anytime I’ve got to spare I feel bored. I feel terrible whenever I’m not doing something productive, it seems…

Once I got into the business class I was immediately given an empty ballot where I’d write which cupcake/cookie display I liked the best and offered a cupcake. Who in the right mind would turn that down?

So I loaded up a paper plate with every cupcake available (and as many seconds as I was allowed, which was one or two). I got to this one table where one of my friends who’s really more of an aquaintance offered me a cookie and rambled on about how they had a cardboard display and they help save the tigers. “Tigers for tigers!” (Tigers = school mascot) I thought it was genius. At the end he gave two thumbs up and smiled, “So yeah, vote for us!”

“But I don’t have a pen.”

So he tried to give me one but my hands were full with cupcakes and cookies. “Do you want me to write it down?”

“Yes, please, that would be great!”

So he did and I handed in my ballot. I realized the hallways were empty and as I walked down the hall to my history class, I saw another friend.

“Hi, Alex!”

“Hi, did the second bell already ring?”

“You mean the bell for class starting? Yeah.”

“Oh, poop. I’m late.”

I walked slow though. If I’m already late, then what difference does an extra minute make?

HISTORY: I walked in and immediately, “Oh, Alex [insert my real last name here] is here!” The substitute teacher came over and asked me to repeat my name. She asked me if I was in the business class. (I still had cupcakes and cookies with me.)

“No, just distracted by it.” I laughed and went to sit in my unassigned seat by my friend (she wants to be called Kira when I mention her on the blog) who’d invited my art class to the cupcakes.

The guy in front of me said, “Whoa, Alex, didn’t see you there.” He eyed the pile of cupcakes and laughed. “Well, that won’t give you diabetes or anything.” I laughed too.

I love history. We learned how the stock market works (the student-teacher who teaches us instead of the real teacher wants us to know that before we move onto the Great Depression unit) with short explaination and then a game. The teacher explained we had each a thousand dollars to invest in three companies. He explained the risks of the different companies which were mostly The Simpsons themed.
After playing that game, I finally understand how the stock market works after all those times I’ve asked one parent or the other.

TODAY: Pretty calm, I woke up at something like noon-thirty and was told to get ready because we were going to the theatre to see Clash of the Titans, which was, indeed, a pretty good movie.

Long and detailed entry, but what the hell. I had a good yesterday. Students’ Council was cancelled, so I got to go right home. I was way more social than I usually am, and it left me feeling great. 🙂

Alex Violet


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