All I want is peace.

April 14, 2010

I’ve been feeling a little emotional over the past couple days. (View my posts from yesterday, part one and part two.)

So I was listening today to How to Save a Life by the Fray (the version with snippets of people’s voices reacting to the 9/11. I decided to watch some videos on YouTube with that song played to scenes and photos from the 9/11. (There are lots.)

Of course, I cried a bit.

Not as bad as yesterday with the lady at the assembly.

But it was still sad.

I looked at some pictures of people protesting against war and things like that over flickr and got a little upset.

It seems the gist of what these people in reaction are saying is that:

“This is the United States, as Americans, we need to be civil. War is never the answer.”

Damn right, war is never the answer. But being American shouldn’t be your excuse to be peaceful to others; you should be peaceful because the people you’re warring against are just like you.

They live, they breathe, they feel, they listen, they see, they cry, they’ve seen the same sun and the same moon and the same stars and sky as you.

They live on this earth, just like you.

They are human, just like you.

They feel pain, just like you.

You should say, rather than “These things just aren’t supposed to happen in America,” you should say, “These things just aren’t supposed to happen on Earth.”

We should be civil and peaceful as representatives of the whole beautiful and trecherous world, not just our race or religion or nation.

When the world trade centre was knocked down, it wasn’t just a knock to the United States, it was a knock to the world.

You shouldn’t do things just because as a person from whatever country (or with whatever race or religion) and say “That’s just what people like me do.”

No, you should do things because you feel in your heart and mind and soul (if you believe in souls) with everything you know and have experienced as a human being, that what you choose to do is the right thing.

Not just because someone told you that it’s right.

Especially if you’re just picking that choice or candidate (or whatever) because that’s what everyone else is choosing and you’re too lazy to think for yourself.

Now I’m not telling you to not listen to anyone else. I’m not telling you to close your mind.

I’m telling you to open your mind, open your eyes, and open your heart.

I’m not telling you to go against something just to assert your independence, either. I’m just telling you that you should only do something if you in your heart/mind feel/know that what you’re doing is right.

And if you do truly feel/know that it’s right, then you should do something, take action, follow a dream or something.

Make a blog. 😛

I know I’m being awfully contradictory/hypocritical by saying “you should” continuously, but I’m sorry. (I don’t know how else to word what I’m trying to say properly.)

I’m just trying to open some minds.

And maybe I should feel empowered by writing all this, but to be honest with you, I feel miserable. But that may just be since I feel ostrasized.

Somedays it feels like the world is made by Americans, for Americans.

Well, not everyone is American. (And I’m not saying all Americans are selfish and ostrasizing either.)

Minority matters, minorities are worth mentioning. And for crying out loud, other majorities, too.

I’m Canadian. As much as I love being Canadian, (and I truly do) I am also a human being, a citizen of this earth. So I feel in my heart and soul and mind that I should treat everyone I meet as such.

But every time I’m reading a magazine (sold and bought in Canada) and it offers an exciting contest, only to discover it’s only open to American citizens, you’ve got to understand why I can’t help feeling disappointed, left out. If you’re going to exclude me, at least don’t rub it in my face.

I keep coming back to, “We’re all citizens of the Earth.”

But really, the more I consider these words and the more I think about it, the more I realize it’s true.

It shouldn’t matter who you are, all that should matter is that you’ve lived on this earth, and that, at least, we have in common.

Even if you just so happen to be an alien (lol) we’ve all had the experience of being alive, right? And we all have some grasp of how life works, maybe just our version of life, but still.

Knowing only about your life doesn’t give you the right to be selfish to others, does it?

Once you make an effort to understand someone, to walk a while in their shoes, you’ll realize their true intentions aren’t as harsh as they seem.

If everyone made an effort to understand each other, where we’re all coming from, than world peace would be a lot easier to achieve.

Less people would blow things out of proportion if they know the real size of the situation.

At least, that’s the way I see it.

Have a nice day,

Alex Violet


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