Yoga Club + Something Humorous.

April 22, 2010

Today I had yoga club after school. I went to the meeting last week, but this time my friend J. came too.

We did yoga from a video this time and the person on the TV (Yoga for Dummies video) told us what to do instead of the teacher in charge. I liked it better when the teacher was in charge.

We did these “daily dozen” poses and the last one the teacher stopped the video at. We were all lying down in a comfortable position on our yoga mats (well, J. and I had towels which the teacher said works just as well) with our eyes closed and our heads all perfectly alligned with our spine and all that awesomeness.

The teacher put on this music which sounded Japanese (I think, I’m not sure) and then sat down and softly told us to relax and focus on our breathing and stuff.

Her voice was nice compared to the lady in the video because the lady in the video has a much more disruptive voice compared to the yoga club teacher’s who has a very quiet voice. It was easier to relax.

Last week when I was told to focus on my breathing, I wasn’t very successful. There’s something about when I focus on my breathing that it suddenly seems to go jagged or something. Or I get paranoid or whatever. So this time I tried to find my Happy Place and focus on that instead.

I always wanted a happy place but it wasn’t until today that I actually feel like I’ve found it. It’s in this comfortable place at the edge of infinite, staring off into our universe. There’s stars everywhere and they are more plentiful than the stars I usually see in the sky but they glowed just as bright, like little pieces of heaven trying to peek through the dark unknown of the neverending sky. The universe is so small and distant that I can barely see Earth.

I like it because when you’re that far from the world and all its troubles, you’re finally at peace with something. And that something just so happens to be a greater picture…

Whoa. That’s deep.

It’s late.

I’m tired and relaxed thinking about my happy place, so I’ll get back to you on the humorous thingermabob.


Alex Violet


One Response to “Yoga Club + Something Humorous.”

  1. This is simply known as the small things in life which we all miss in our busy schedule-The aim of yoga is to make us aware of even the subtle instance / moment.Normally this becomes available to persons
    devoted and disciplined in any aspect of life,any profession.Yoga simply is a pointer.One starts seeing stars even in daylight.Posture and breathing coordinated
    will help us focus,and you are never bored.-Regards Ashok

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