What if… (and stuff)

April 23, 2010

Alright, maybe this is random, but I was reading over my previous blog post today about my happy place and I thought of something. One of those “what if…” somethings.

What if everything – humanity, life, Earth, our universe, the galaxy, all the constellations, the stars, the possibility… the ‘dark matter’ and all beyond that… what if it’s contained in this giant ball? What if everything we know of is contained inside somebody else’s much larger planet?


Sorry for the lack of elaboration and detail.

In my science class last year we talked about atoms. (Because that’s what you do in science.) One kid said he believed that the universe was a giant atom. Once he said it I thought immediately, why not? The structure of an atom isn’t all that different from the structure of our solar system… there’s the nucleus/sun and the planets/protons/electrons revolving around it.

What if infinite is not so much a concept of space going on forever, but of all these different dimensions going on forever?

Atoms within atoms…

I saw something at the beggining of a Simpsons episode like that.

Yeah, like that. I’m sure some genius already came up with that theory but all I’m saying is it makes sense… doesn’t it? It can’t be proven wrong and it can’t be proven right… yet. So why not?

I’ve got to get up early tomorrow morning to go sell Girl Guide cookies at the Sears with pathfinders. I know that Brianna will be going to the morning shift but I’m not sure who else. After that, my Daddy is picking me up with Buddy and we’re going to spend the rest of the weekend together.

I’m so excited. Pretty much all week I’ve been jumping up and down out of nowhere telling my friends, “MY DADDY IS COMING THIS WEEKEND.”

“I know, you already told me.”

So yeah.

And I walked home from school today with Smiley (BFF) who I haven’t talked to all that much since the March break, really. She told me she’s been helping out with this thing for Haiti at lunch (she told me on Wednesday, I think) so I decided to go with her to help out when I have the time. (So of course that only means two days of the week: Thursdays and Fridays.) On this walk home I expected we would catch up on lost talking time but no, not really. I tried to make conversation but it = failed attempts at the start.

The thing is, I pretty much tell Smiley everything. Every memory I have, every opinion I have, every thought that passes through my mind. Smiley knows ALL. So often when I try to say something to make conversation, I always get,

“I know, you already told me.”

I absolutely loathe it when conversation runs dry. And so after plenty of awkward silence I said, “What’s with all this me talking and you replying with, like, two-word answers?”

“Because… I’m awesome.”

“Okay, three words doesn’t really make a difference.”

-Silence as we walk on further.-

“Hey have I told you about the vampire story I’m working on?”

“Not much.”

“Do you want to hear about it?”

“Couldn’t hurt.”

So in order to extend conversation, I explain EVERY detail that I remember, only cutting back to summarize insignificant parts. I tell her who said what when and point out how much manners a character has and why and how they grew up and all they remember of their life.

I’ve got until something like the fifth scene in (which’s maybe half what I have so far, more or less; I have 67 pages written so far) when we get close to her place (I’ve always lived farthest from any of my schools than all my friends) she asks if I’m thirsty or anything.

“Yes, I’ve been talking all this time, my throat’s getting sore.”

And so we get to her place and she offers me a water bottle from the fridge and I say thank you. She says my story seems really interesting so far. I say if she’d like to read it, I could put an updated copy on my memory stick (those USB things, whatever) and lend it to her after J. (yes, my friend from yoga club) has given it back. (J. wanted to read my story but I think she got bored after the first scene and is too kind to admit it. She tried giving back the memory stick after a few days and I said, “Well, aren’t you finished it?” “Well, no.” And then I said she could keep it until she finished it if she wanted. So without enthusiasm she put it back in her pocket. I asked her later -as in a week later- if she’d been reading it and what she thought of it. She slowly admitted she honestly hadn’t read any more of it since.)

Well, there’s going to be the odd person who doesn’t so much like my story. But what the hell. I do. SOMEBODY else has to. So who cares?

So yeah. That’s life.

OH YEAH. And I’m going on a feild trip on Monday with History. Yeah. Have to be at school by a quarter to seven. (!) Getting a ride with Smiley since she’s going on the trip too but with her class. I’ve got so many assignments due Monday but thank goodness no one told the teachers there’s going to be a trip that day so we’ll have to be a day late. (They usually make you hand it in early if you tell them.)

So yeah. THAT’S the insanely awesomazing life of ME.

Alex Violet


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