April 30, 2010

Alex + Buddy at park, originally uploaded by AlexthePoeticGenius.

A photo. Buddy on left, Alex on right. We took a walk something like a month ago and this was at a park. Just thought I’d share.

Oh, yes; and in reality, Buddy was standing on a play structure at the time the photo was taken. Really, he’s always come up to my nose/mouth/chin height-wise.

I know it’s 12:25 AM, for the record…

I’m just glad I finally figured out how to get my phone photos to the computer. (I email them to myself. 🙂

Alex Violet

P.S. TGIF! Today we didn’t have any school since it was an NI (Non-Instructional) day.

P. P. S. For those that’re wondering: I’m fifteen, Mathew/Buddy’s eleven. So that makes us like four years apart. (Rounding up from the months apart.)

P. P. P. S. Thanks Aunt Linda for the article you sent me. (I’m not sure if you know my plan from it being mentioned at all on my blog, but I plan to finish writing my novel before I’m sixteen so I can publish it in time to have any money I make from it pay for my university, so I love advice.) I never got around to replying to the facebook message, but I know you read my blog. 😛


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