Music Monday!

May 3, 2010

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Hey, guess what? A band came to my school today for “Music Monday.” I got out of art class and recorded something like 25 minutes of them talking about the music industry. They performed afterward and I got a couple photos with the band members.

I’m also following them on twitter now. I’m not going to say who the band is, since it would DEFINITELY give away where I live; it’s posted right on their myspace page twice and one of the band members tweeted it.

They’re relatively unknown right now, (recently signed and all) and even though they claim to have been living in a “hippie bus” while on tour and that they’re “broke,” I DO firmly believe they’ll make it big.


When they performed, it was like giving a thousand gummy worms to a six-year-old or waking up to a snow day. Walking into a surprise party! Clinically depressed people would happy-dance at the sound.

As soon as the show was over, the majority of the audience flooded out of the auditorium and I desperately wanted to get a picture with them. But a good-quality one, not just the kind you take at arm’s length. So, as fast as I could, trying to maneuver myself around the crowd, I climbed over four rows of seats until I was within earshot of the next friend I saw to take the photo for me. (J.- that one I do yoga with who’s in my art class too.)

You know those movie-theatre seats the you have to flip down to sit on? Yeah, well my auditorium has those, but made of wood and metal. (Just as unstable, if not more so.) On my first step, my foot was basically eaten by the chair, swallowed in between its wood back and metal flip-seat-thing. Dammit, it hurt, but I had to go on!

And I did. I got 3 photos with various members of the band (I think one of them’s the bassist or the drummer and the other’s for sure the lead singer). One was like two ghostly figures in the dark due to poor auditorium lighting, but whatever. The lead singer was really nice about everything- the type of person who walks around the crowd rather than have you maneuver your way around it. And then checks to make sure the photo turned out okay with the poop auditorium lighting (and walks out into good lighting for a better photo) before you leave and the lead singer calls out, “Have a good one!”

“Thanks, you too!”

When I got home, Mother was at work so I had to get into the apartment myself. But oopsie-poopsie, I forgot my keys. It’s not the first time, either, so I did what I’ve always done. I walked all the way up to Mathew’s school to pick him up. (The first time I forgot my keys, I planned it mainly because I figured he’d have keys.)

IN THE SCORCHING, SOPPING HEAT, STILL CARRYING MY BACKPACK AND LUNCHBAG. (‘Sopping’ is a word, right? It sounds appropriate to me…) I want to complain about it being so hot so soon, but then I look at the calendar and realize it’s May. (Thank goodness, I think. May is the one month that always seems to never come, at least to me.)

And when I got to the school, I was a half-hour early. So I just went on a long walk on the roads intertwining the surrounding neighbourhood and took some pleasant photos. Beautiful, sunshine-y day, why shouldn’t I? I really love the neighbourhood up on top of the hill, by Mathew’s school. It’s so humble, pretty, and homey. It’s the street at the bottom of the hill where all the bad things happen.

(I live in this little apartment complex hidden at the side of the hill. Don’t get me wrong, poop still happens here, but I’ve not heard any gunshots like there are farther down the street. A couple nights ago I had the window open and couldn’t sleep, so I listened in to the loud conversation going on outside. There was the teen mother living in the apartment above me yelling at some man, saying, “You shoot people, [insert name in which I’ve forgotten here]! Forgive me for not wanting to invite you in because at anytime you could pull a gun on me and my kid! I’m sorry, but I don’t believe in killing people!” She sounded close to tears and all the while I was telepathically cheering her on.)

On my way back from the walk, I ran into my mother who drove me back to the school to pick up Mathew and back home. When I explained what I was doing, I got an expected smile, sigh, and eye roll. 🙂

I also took a nap for like, an hour when I came home. Got minimal sleep last night because I stayed up ’til, like, midnight-thirty writing my vampire story. (Page 71 now. 🙂 )

That’s pretty much the gist of my life today.

I don’t remember if I made an entry yesterday, but that’s okay. You didn’t miss much. I relaxed all weekend for once. This weekend I go camping.

Alex Violet

P.S. Yeah, I do, actually, make a new paragraph for each sentence so it seems like I’ve written more than I have.

Haha, no. Actually, I do that because when I’m reading it over, I personally find it easier to understand. It’s like giving someone a page of instructions versus a page of numbered instructions. Plus, it adds effect.

Emotion, whatever.

P. P. S. I’m under the impression that there was no Students’ Council meeting today since I waited outside the SC room for five minutes and no one showed. (Not even to tell me there was no meeting.) I feel like I missed something significant… whatever. I’ve been to mostly all the other meetings, anyway. Can’t win ’em all…
Maybe it was for the best anyway because the weather’s hot- but it’s cooler outside where there’s a breeze. I spent some time outside during lunch with a friend (who’s an absolute RAY OF SUNSHINE!) from pathfinders I haven’t seen in a while and one of her other friends. I felt AWESOME afterward.


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