My Life is Average
MLIA. ‘Nuff said…

My Flickr Account
This is where you want to go to see some of my awesomazing photography. AKA, you know you want to go there. 😛 I’m pretty darn talented, if I do say so myself.

Girl Guides of Canada
When I talk about Pathfinders, this is what I’m referring to. Pathfinders is like Girl Guides, but for an older age group.

An environmentally-friendly search engine powered by Google.

The Hunger Site
Help feed the hungry with just one click of a mouse per day! (Completely free! unless you want to buy something from their shop.) Be sure to click for their other websites, as well, to save children, educate them, save the rainforest, rescue animals, and help eliminate breast cancer.

Wikipedia is my friend. 🙂 Wikipedia has information on anything you can think of, from Edison to Pineapple to The Lion King. I enjoy Wikipedia.

Thread Banger
I recently discovered this website all about DIY. Which I love.

Save a Life Campaign
Hit song turned into a litterally life-saving campaign.

Girls Inc
This website is dedicated to making every girl feel great about having a voice.

Olivia’s Blog
Olivia is a friend of mine from Pathfinders, check out her blog because she RULEZ.


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