These sonnets are all written by me, Alex, age 15. I started writing sonnets the first time someone explained to me exactly what it was, as in the format and all. So every time something deep and/or controversial is on my mind, I write a sonnet. I’ve made a goal to fill up a journal entirely with these poems.

I do, in fact, have more, but these are the ones I’ve posted all in my blog before. These ones I feel comfortable with the public seeing. They’re sorted newest to oldest. If you click on the title, it leads you to the blog post I originally mentioned them in. And the dates are the dates I wrote them, not the days I posted them necessarily.

So enjoy! Constructive critizism appreciated. And if you just want to compliment me, that’s fine too. 😛

Scarred for life… or blessed with the truth?
April 13 2010

We are all guilty of the loving scare;
To build up on “I can do this” and “I’m not afraid.”
But is it really all that pretty when you’re loosing all your hair,
With your ribcage on display and your integrity frayed?
People following your path will reach a dead end.
Whether they fall far enough could save their life,
Yet you jump willing – like it’s a game of pretend.
You could yell, resist but run under the knife…
I can’t watch you do this, it’s suicide.
You mistrust and deny the true open mind;
You need more compassion than your lonely world will provide.
No one there has seen how real it gets when no one is kind:
The crisis and trenches and malnurished dead bodies.
When will you see that your life is worth no commodity?

Inescapeable Darkness
March 29 2010

Everywhere I hear gunshots, see bruises.
“Violence is not the answer,” I’ve always been told;
But then, “not everything can be solved with spit-shakes and truces.”
No sum or price should life behold,
Yet there are those persuaded without speaking a word.
You cannot stand alone, your spirit, it won’t allow;
So you do what is natural: you follow the heard.
Not to your wrongdoings but intentions, I bow.
When the media’s messages are so hypocritical,
Who the hell, what the hell are you supposed to believe?
For you, trust is natural, but I’ve become cynical.
The growing wounds of Earth aren’t so quick to revive.
When you can’t run away from others’ tears,
Who’s to say it won’t take over, your fears?

Meaning of Life
March 19 2010

This world is a thousand jumps, learning to fly;
Awaiting on the day flight replaces fall.
So many times I have asked ‘why’,
Only to realize there is no meaning at all.
Who says you need a reason to want to be glad?
No one really knows what’s good for us after the end.
But I know I don’t want to live my life always mad.
I try to live it to the fullest, praying I’ll be a legend
Like the ones that make history and stretch possibility.
Who says you need a single bold meaning,
To live every second with pronounced dignity,
When every little thing brings you the feeling:
That even if this is all there is to it,
Maybe or even definitely, it’s 100% worth it.

Pushing Freedom
March 2 2010

Do you ever wake up and to yourself you say,
“Today what they think of me doesn’t matter.
I refuse to define myself that way.”
But the more they talk, you just get madder…
If I do what they say is right,
I have given up my own voice,
For their ethics are not airtight,
And I should get the power of my own choice.
“You cannot carry the weight of the world on your shoulders,”
The wise ones say. “Sometimes you need to let go.”
But the things I let go crash louder than boulders,
Though the relief that comes with them is good to know.
Now that I’ve been given my freedom,
I look back at my troubles and think, who needed ‘em?


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