Hi. 🙂 My name is Alexandra. I go by Alex. Or Alex Violet. Or TURTLE.

I am a teenage girl trying to rebel against the teenage-girl stereotype. I simply refuse to take things for face value and always try to think of things from other people’s point of view. I am an artist, a poet, an innovator, a thinker and a writer. I want to be a best-selling author one day soon (I always have an unfinished novel on the go), maybe even an astronaut (shoot for the moon, right?), but what I do know for sure is that one day I’m going to make history. I am the inventor of AWESOMAZING. (Seriously.)

I try my absolute best to stand out in a world where everyone is so determined to blend in. Even if it means making my socks not match ON PURPOSE. (Oh yeah, I went there.)

I live in Ontario, Canada with my mother (to be referred to as Mother), my brother (to be referred to as Mathew or Buddy) and my cat (to be referred to as my cat although her name is Cocoa). In high school I am in grade 10. I’m also a member of excessive extra-curricular activities, like: Pathfinders, going on ten years; Student Council, this is my first school year; my city’s Youth Advisory Council, this is the council’s first year; and [Student] Art Council, which I was a member of for part of grade 9 and now the second semester of grade 10. AND I am helping out with my school’s anti-hate rally against bullying and discrimination.

I started this blog last June, (as in 2009) and so far I’m pretty proud of it. I try to be consistent but sometimes I am busy. (I know I’m trying to rebel against the teenage stereotype, but I mean where the whole thinking through things is concerned. Also, my schedule is full because I’m benefitting the world and my own future and well-being while other teenagers get a rap for being out partying and drinking and ruining so much of their lives with their substance abuse. I am going somewhere with my life. High school will not be the end of it, I’m not going to waste these years away.)

Thanks for reading this far. 🙂

If you want some random facts about me, here:
I am germaphobic.
I believe in ghosts.
I am ambidextrious.
I suck at mathematics and gym class.
I enjoy science although I don’t EXCELL in it…
I take my time in art class and English class and it usually pays off.
I love to read. (If you want a list of books I’ve read since last June, go click on ‘the List’.)
I love to sing.
I have my pizza with either plain cheese or pineapple.

At the moment, I’ve got something like six books on the go. But I’m focusing on writing my vampire one right now.


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